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Rocking Chair

2023 Christmas Newsletter from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill updated 2045pm ( 2045z GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Friday 2nd February 2024. See Footnotes :-)

Robin Lovelock Tody printer Seasons Greetings All ! I've been writing these Christmas Newsletters since 1995, online since 1996. Tap or Click on Father Christmas, at the top, for our 1996 Newsletter. Tap on the Printer to Print xmas23.pdf . Tap or Click on pictures to expand, visit links, relevant pages, or play videos. My mugshot is linked to and Tody to Guard Cat ! In 2023, over 60 videos were added to , including trips to NGS Gardens, open for charity, and photo-trails showing life with the Lovelocks in Sunninghill. Yes, there are a LOT of photos and information in those videos: too much for most of you ! :-) I hope all the right words and pictures follow below - but probably not in the right order ;-)

white strip Homer is on "Christmas Guard Duty" again, helping Bentley & Tody keep an eye on our property, including the Camper.

Homer with June & Robin Lovelock in 2023 2023 Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race On Monday 1st May 2023 we enjoyed walking down to the village, and watching the Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race .

Robin would have liked to compete, but neither June nor Samantha would sit in the wheelbarrow :-)

Tody also declined the offer :-)

2023 Sunninghill Street Fayre 2023 On Sunday 19th November, we enjoyed the Sunninghill Street Fayre - which was once called "the Sunninghill Victorian Street Fayre".

The last Sunninghill Victorian Street Fayre had been in November 2019, but I see no mention of it in our 2019 Christmas Newsletter . No surprise, since 2019 was also a very busy year ! :-) white strip

The big event was on Saturday 19th August 2023: Gary & Saskia's Wedding which, of course, has it's own page on . white strip

Gary & Saskia's Weddingl- Photo Trail The First Dance at Gary & Saskia's Wedding Gary & Saskia's Wedding white strip

June & Robin have been great fans of the National Garden Scheme (NGS) Charity for many years. We try and visit at least one place each week, and have been known to drive an hour or two to somewhere "special". It's unusual to visit 5 places in a week, but we did in February 2023 !
I guess we visited 50 NGS places in 2023 - but who knows ? :-)
You can try a Youtube search on "NGS June & Robin Lovelock" .

But better to visit an NGS garden and see for yourself. Visit or hit their logo on the right. white strip

white strip

SICILY IN JUNE 2023 - from Robin's Holiday Page: - Giardini Naxos, Taormina, Antillo, Calabria, Zefferana and more ...

We flew out by Easyjet on Thursday 1st June and returned to England on Thursday 16th June 2023. Most of our stay was at our favorite Hotel La Riva in Giardini Naxos. The UK DVLA say Robin must not drive, but this turned out to be a benefit: we were delighted at being ferried to and from Catania Airport by Enrico & Matilda - seldom has a holiday been so relaxing - even if hectic ! :-) e.g. the surprise stay in Calabria; the trip north to see Giorgio & Agata's new house near Antillo, to taste their cherries and Strawberries :-)

Few will want to play all the hour of rough cut video, on the left, but it does more than "give a flavour" of the delicious food, lovely places, people, and wildlife - including dogs, cats, cows, and sparrows :-)

Robin did a better job of that 2015 video on the right, despite poor sound syncronisation. Some will enjoy seeing the same places and people 8 years earlier :-) Maybe in slower time, Robin will extract a few of the many photos, to put here, and/or on a linked "Sicily in 2023" page. But, as he often says, "There are just not enough hours in the day" ;-) white strip

"Weymouth by Camper" is a 2 hour video with over 3100 photos ! Sunday 3rd to Thursday 7th September. We stayed at East Fleet Farm Touring Site.
white strip We met up with 1970 ex- Ferranti workmate Keith Hocking who showed us around the Weymouth area - including places we would never have known were there :-)

white strip white strip

Snoopy's Robot Boat on 25th October 2023 Robin has been able to do a LITTLE bit of work on Snoopy's Robot Boat, Snoopy Sloop 11, that survived 6 weeks at sea last year, before miraculously sailing into Rottingdean, east of Brighton, so many miles from where it was last seen, west of Weymouth. This picture, from Blog10 - linked from the Snoopy page, shows much of the basic work on the boat completed, by the end of October 2023. i.e. hull, sails, rudder, etc. BUT much more remains to be done, if and when Robin has help to at least check his work, such as soldering :-)

Testing Snoopy's Old Autopilot The video on the right, of Snoopy's autpilot being given a "Tea Tray Test", shows what most will consider the most complicated part of Snoopy's Robot Boats - the GPS Autopilot, which includes GPS, computer, and a servo to move the rudder and steer the boat.

This stuff has not been changed for years and is well tested. The stuff that failed are simple things, like a rudder breaking off, due to being made of carbon fibre rod instead of steel, or what happened last year: the rudder fell out, then water got in, because Robin had not fixed it in properley. LOTS of other simple things to check - like dry soldered joints ! :-)

Trip to see Phil's Boat near Weymouth on 22nd May 2023 On Monday 22nd May 2023, Robin enjoyed a trip down to Chesil Beach, near Weymouth, to meet Phil Smith, and see "Phil's Boat" - even smaller than Snoopy's ! Dick was kind enough to pick Robin up from Sunninghill, and we enjoyed the conversations on the trip. We particularly enjoyed meeting Phil, and his family and friends. We also met up with Peter, also of Team-Joker. Robin admires Phil's Boat, since it has performed better on the East-to-West Microtransat Atlantic Attempts than most, if not all the others ;-) Phil made the attempt later in the year - and Dick helped with a rescue. But that's another story :-) white strip

Cornwall in September is a 1 hour video with many photos ! Saturday 23rd to Friday 29th September. We stayed with Steve & Gill Gurney, at their Airbnb at Wykeham House, in the lovely little village of Lanreath. Gill is June's sister, so we got free accomodation and a chauffeur service, including trips to Fowey - prenounced "Foy" :-) white strip

Several places: Wykeham House in Lanreath; the ferry across to Fowey - prenounced "Foy" ;-) Polperro with harbour and Museum Tea Room; historic Charlestown. white strip

Work in house & garden: June's Kitchen is now a LOT better than it has been for 3 years. Tap on photos to enlarge. See Roof, Kitchen, and House page. i.e. much delayed plastering, then painting - mostly by June. Robin even got to put in some "temporary test mirrors" into those skylights :-)

Kitchen in December 2020 Kitchen in December 2023 Kitchen in December 2023 Kitchen in December 2023 white strip

11th to 17th November 2023 Photo Trail - Rough Cut

Did someone say "Work" ? Everyone knows that, since the 1970s, Robin spends much of his time getting others to do the real work - he likes to "use his time efficiently" ;-) Robin's "Cunning Plan" - taking advice from his friend Baldrick in 2022 - was to create space in their back garden for tools and materials to be moved from places like their Games Room, into more suitable accomodation. Important work was done in 2022, including rainwater drainage into the "Top Pond", down the stream, into the "Lower Pond" - now the "Duck Pond" with it's new "mossy" fence - and into the "bog garden" at the end. SOME more work was done in 2023, seen in the first 15 minutes of this year's video on the left. The panorama photo below show our back garden, after a brief flurry of snow on 12th December 2022; then Samantha working in our cluttered "Games Room". white strip Patio with Barbecue; Top Pond & Bridge; Lower (fenced, Duck) Pond; Washing Line; 6'x4' Toolshed; Summerhouse "Lab"; Workshop; Greenhouse.

Panorama of Back Garden

Panorama of Games Room

Panorama of lounge

The Revenge of Gaia

Global Warming, The Revenge of Gaia, throwing mankind back 10,000 years, and James Lovelock ....

James Lovelock "We can't stop Global Warming. but we may delay it by a few decades, to give us time to prepare for it's effects: vast areas of the World, including as close as continental Europe, becoming arid desert; shrinking of habitable areas of the planet to much smaller parts of the planet, closer to the Poles. The Earth will then only be able to support a small fraction of it's present population, and there will be the need for massive migration. Places like the UK will remain temporate a little longer, so will be an attractive destination. We need all World Governments to cooperate, to prepare for this inevitability; also to agree things like reduced use of fossile fuels, to give us a few more decades to prepare."

The above is not a quote, but how I remember what James Lovelock said in his book "The Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth is Fighting Back and How We Can Still Save Humanity", published in February 2007. I read the book years ago, and have watched how World Governments have failed to grasp his main message. In my opinion, if Jim's prediction is true ( the end of this civilisation, throwing mankind back 10,000 years ) , it would probably be after Worldwide anarchy, and at least one nuclear or bio/chemical war. I hope he and many others are wrong, but I fear that they may be right.

Most people don't understand the main thing that James Lovelock said. In short: Global Warming is going to happen - and you ain't seen anything yet !

This has been on my Grumpy page for years, and appears near the end of many of my 2023 videos on .

Robin Lovelock

Covid19 has "eased off". BUT the UK National Health Service (NHS) has been neglected for decades, by ALL UK Governments. No change needed to ! We enjoyed coffee and cake with Pam Coughlan in Exeter, on our way back from Cornwall in September :-)

Topics overlap... In early 2022, Robin was contacted by Dr John Raffetto in USA, resulting in significant updates to Robin's "NATO" page: Memories of SHAPE Technical Centre and Sir John Manniello . Perhaps the USA will take an even bigger role in the NHS ?

white strip Covid19 in 2023 Pam Coughlan John Maniello Dr John Raffetto white strip


Robin's Driving Licence: from 2022 Newsletter: In early February, June & Robin were surprised by a letter from the DVLA, which banned Robin from Driving. Robin's response was not conventional: he simply created a new "Press" page , linking to a detailed DVLA Funny Farm page, putting all details into the Public Domain. He then contacted several people. He did not drive for two months, but found alternative transport - see below ;-) Miraculously, on April 1st, "April Fools Day", he was told he COULD drive again. But "the jury is still out" on how this happened, and it may happen again * , so this page remains open and updated. Robin will let others speculate, and/or research, things like cash flow, and to what extent this is a common problem, and if it makes "business sense" for "deliberate mistakes" to happen - particularly within the physical and mental healthcare industry. i.e. NHS, Social Services. and those contracted to do the work ;-) * It DID happen again, in 2023, but the DVLA did not recognise their mistake. No need to change this section, including the pictures below :-)

white strip FF DVLA FF DVLA FF DVLA Ladies inside Sunninghill Post Office ></A>

<A HREF=Robin outside Sunninghill Post Office FF DVLA white strip

Early October 2023 Photo Trails 1st October 2023 Photo I had half a page of paper left here, so good to end on a lighter note: our visit on Sunday 1st October to the Twyford Water Works, to meet up with Peter, Dick, and wife Liz. Peter and Dick ? Check out the Snoopy pages :-) When I started these "Rough Cut Photo Trail" videos, as an "Aid to my memory", I had no idea how difficult it might be to decide what NOT to put in the newsletter :-) What's that old black & white photo on the right ? It's Robin's old Mk3 Triumph Spitfire, being vandalised by friends at our wedding in 1971. That's a yellow Mk4 Spitfire below it. I had to remind the owner ( who also worked at Ferranti ) that the Mk3, unlike the later Mk4, could (allegedly) do more than the "ton" ( 100 mph ), along suitable stretches of road, such as the A30 past Blackbush Airfield ;-) white strip 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo white strip 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo 1st October 2023 Photo white strip Robin Lovelock

More may be added to the online copy of this on : more pictures, videos, and later news: hopefully good ! :-)

Have a Great Christmas, New Year, and a Good 2024. Love & Strength ! :-)

white strip from Robin, June, Samantha, & Tody Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 9TA, England, UK. Tel UK (44) 01344 620775.
Robin's Mobile 07736 353 404. Email: Main Website is hosted on , , , and .
A few guys, here and overseas, will have all my pages on hard disks, USB sticks, SD cards, etc. Nice to have "Backup" :-) white gap

Footnotes with Later News ... being added :-)

Robin Lovelock Not so much later news, as stuff tucked away on those "Photo Trail Videos" that there was neither time or paper space to mention :-) The newsletter above was printed at issue "1300 on Tuesday 12th December 2023". If and when there is time, I'll try and catch up here, with several photos from each event :-)

I'll probably begin with a relevant photo trail video. It will bore the pants off you, but it should include reliable detail of when and what happened, and sometimes, who we met ;-)

I'll start with the event in March 2023, when June wrote off Robin's old Mercedes, by driving it fast through deep water in a ford, crossing the River Bourne. It resulted in Robin replacing the car with an almost identical but newer one, but with only 100,000 instead of 200,000 miles on the clock :-) white strip

2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news

June writes off Robin's old Merc C4 GPS - but we get another - on Nine-Mile-Ride :-)

When Robin realised the old silver Mercedes E230 was a write-off, he made a good decision - to shop online for an identical model. How amazing to find it opposite where he and his sister Sally lived, until 1953, in that little rented bungalow, opposite Stow's Farm, near the Arbourfield end of the Nine Mile Ride. After a quick test drive, down to California Country Park and back, he closed the deal. It was a few days later that the AA collected the stranded old car. That was an adventure in itself, with Robin steering it, being towed, in the rush-hour, to Suninghill, through Sunningdale ! :-)

2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip

Robin then sold the old car to his favourite scrap yard: Ascot Metal Recycling. AFTER swapping batteries and number plates ;-) There was a LOT happening in these same few days, reflected in these photo trails and others. e.g. Work already mentioned in the house, including kitchen and new bathroom; Snow ! :-) Robin's efforts, without success, to fix the pond leak, without disturbing the wildlife; Visiting places, like NGS Gardens, and meeting people ;-) white strip

2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news

white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip

Nick's Ashes into The Thames: Saturday 18th March 2023.

The day was obviously tinged with sadness, but will mostly be remembered by the smiles and laughter, particularly during that lovely trip along the River Thames, to lay Nick's ashes in the same spot as his late son Ajay. We then enjoyed conversations and food at the temple and community centre.

2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news

white strip

Gus Russell This seems the best place to include this ... Several of our close friends, in UK and overseas, lost loved ones in 2023. Our Family page include these words: "You can shed tears that they have gone, Or you can smile because they have lived. You can close your eyes and pray that they'll come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all that they have left. Your heart can be empty because you cannot see them, Or you can be full of love that they have shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live for yesterday, Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember them, and ache that they have gone, Or you can cherish their memory and let them live on. You can cry, and close your mind, be empty, and turn your back. Or you can do what they would want, Smile, open your eyes, love and go on." One person Robin will mention here is Gus Russell. They were close friends since they were at schools together, from about 1954. They shared passions, such as Art and fishing. Play that video of Gus giving Robin a 70th Birthday card on our Family page. It's also further down here. Happy memories :-)

Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Do not be confused by my inclusion of the "Mid August 2023 Photo Trail Video" on the left. It is because there are several photos from the lovely get-together, to celibrate Gus, on 17th August 2023, at The Fox and Hounds, south of Fleet.

BUT, this video of photo trails cover many other things, including the wedding on 19th August, and much, much more. At least it serves to show how much is "up there" - if you know where to look :-) e.g. from 28 minutes into that hour video. One of his passions was performing rock music :-)

white strip Robin got to meet, face to face, Barry Oliver, their school chum and fishing friend from the 1950s and 1960s. Barry still remembers "all that blood", when Robin cut his thumb at Wescott Rd Primary School. We must have been aged about 8 or 9 ??? Barry escorted Robin, across Wokingham, to the doctors at Shute End. A stitch fixed it, but those were the days of blunt needles, and no local pain killers. On the way back to school, Barry promised not to blab on Robin, that he'd cried out in pain. Those days were very different, in handling young boys. I won't go into details of the mischief we got into at weekends, often miles from home ;-)

Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails white strip

Robin Lovelock as a baby Extract from Robin's Press page ... "Art" is an important ingedient in creating a newspaper or magazine article, or a TV programme. Art was my first passion, from when I was a toddler, through primary and secondary school, shared with my chum Gus Russell. We also used to fish together, but that's another topic :-) When I was about 13 I became interested in technical things, leading to a career in Defence Systems. However Gus had an interesting life, and - unlike myself, who retired years ago - is still working: Gus uses "Storyboards" to help guys design things like an advertising campaign. Our paths sometimes cross, when he does something like give me a 70th Birthday Card, or I draw yet another cartoon, or a "portait" of Gus in the style of Felix Topolski. Below is an extract from my Blog page. I just LOVE that video :-) Friday 19th November 2021: Pub Grub today. I received a link from my old chum Gus. That's my drawing on the left, in the style of Felix Topolski - but Gus was always a better artist than me. I did it for his Birthday Card - after that one he did for my 70th years ago. Visit his web site , to see what a professional can do ! :-) from Robin on Sunday 16th July 2023: Gus passed away earlier in July, but I would like to think his website above will remain, as a tribute to this remarkable Guy. That video is how I will remember him. Sleep well Gus.

Gus Russell by RLL Gus Russell Robin and Gus on 25 May 2017 white strip

NHS and Tracking 2023 Vic Piercey Keith Hocking Keith Hocking As it happens, this "NHS & Tracking" photo trails video included the visit to Vic Piercey's funeral, and resulted in an update to Robin's EASAMS page ... QUOTE: Here is a new page, under construction, and maybe someone has old photos from his interesting career, particularly at EASAMS ? You can visit the page, started shortly after Vic's Funeral on Tuesday 27th June 2023. Tap or Click on Memories of Vic Piercey or that photo on the far right. This is not a place for obituaries - there are too many guys, even on this page, to count. But many will find some of this stuff of great interest, particularly if they knew Vic. He was near 102 when he left us - but what a few stories he had to tell. I wish I'd heard some of these direct from Vic :-) UNQUOTE.
On Friday 12th January 2024, sister Sally called to say that Keith Hocking had passed away. You will see Keith at the top of this 2023 Newsletter - our lovely "Weymouth by Camper" trip in September. Both pictures take you to the Ferranti page - including our get-together in 2000. Sleep Well Guys.

white strip Those 2023 Photo Trail videos include many events of importance to the Lovelock Family, such as below.

white strip

Michelle checks out the NHS and Hospitals in Coventry then near Sunninghill

On 24th June Michelle called 999, to be taken to hospital near her home in Coventry. Saskia did all the driving to take June from Sunninghill, and they got there, before the ambulance arrived. Robin tracked them, including Michelle's sensible decision to discharge herself, since the hospital seemed unable to give her the correct diagnosis and treatment. Saskia & June collected Michelle, and they got a few hours sleep, before Saskia drove Michelle and June back to Sunninghill. Michelle was soon admitted to Frimley Park Hospital, and got the excellent diagnosis and treatment expected. Michelle insisted on her toy unicorn joining her, but June was too embarassed to take it to the ward. Robin followed orders, and was delighted by the reaction of all he met, including staff and - very interesting - fellow patients. Michelle had rapidly befriended them, and Robin enjoyed chatting to a lady who had served in the "womens land army", in WW2, along the Bearwood Road near Barkham, and near Robin's mother's Sharp family. The new Heatherwood Hospital, in Ascot, comes under Frimley Health, and has also provided excellent service. Thanks, Dr John, for your prompt & detailed expert advice from the USA. white strip Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails Mid August 2023 Photo Trails

white strip

January Trip to visit an NGS Garden at Boscombe Down

What a fascinating trip, on 26th January: Echoes of military history, ancient and modern; old friends, and our holidays in the 1980s ;-) Just Tap or Click to enlarge the map. Stonehenge; Woodhenge; Larkhill; Much more. We came back home across Porton Down. the UK Government's new name for the Establishment caused a few chuckles ;-) white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news

white strip

Trip to London for Passport then Greenwich

What an amazing first trip to Greenwich on Wednesday 24th May. We must make another :-) It started with a trip to collect Robin's passport, from the Passport Office. But we then decided to swing by Greenwich on our way home. We are glad we did ! So much we had never seen before - and hope to see again :-)

2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news

white strip

June's Birthday Trip to Portchester Castle

June insisted on this being her "Birthday Treat" - even though she did ALL the driving :-) As always, it's the places you visit and the people you meet ;-)

2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news white strip 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news 2023 xmas news

white strip

Robin's Birthday treats on 25th, 26th, and 27th May 2023

Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Below are a few photos from this "Birthday Boy 2023" photo trail video, to give a flavour of why Robin enjoyed, not only his birthday, but time with family and friends, into the weekend :-)

That tea shirt was a birthday present from Robin's sister Sally. The words in Italian, "Scusi, sono Inglese e molti noioso" mean "Sorry, I'm English and very boring". How true ! :-) Great fun checking it out at La Sorrentina Italian Resturant in our village, then numerous guys during our Holiday in Sicily :-)

Tap or Click on pictures to play the video or enlarge. white strip

Birthday lunch with Grumpy Old Men was at Robin's favorite pub: The Red Lion at Lightwater. Robin had hoped for a larger birthday cake, as in the film "Under Siege" ;-)

Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails

Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails

white strip

On Saturday we were treated by Gary and Saskia, and joined by Terry and Alan. The Leather Bottle at Rotherwick; then their home near historic Blackbush Airport. white strip Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails white strip Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails Birthday Boy 2023 photo trails

white strip

June's "Christmas Eve Covid" delays Lovelock Celebrations to New Year's Eve

Robin Lovelock Covid19 in 2023

On Christmas Eve, June's cough & cold got worse, with tiredness, etc. She tested positive for Covid19 . It was, like for many, a mild cold, cough, and lethargy. Samantha had similar symptoms but tested negative.

After a week, on New Year's Eve, we were all well enough for us to enjoy a "delayed Christmas Lunch" over at Gary & Saskia's place. See the section "Lovelocks see the New Year in ..." below :-)

June has been happy to drive, and walk short distances, such as down into our village of Sunninghill, to visit the Bansals and/or shop in the newly opened Tesco Express. She continues with housework, watching TV, and the occasional game of tennis - if it's not too cold for her :-)

June Lovelock on Youtube Tody As of 18th January, June continues to improve, and play an important role, helping others inside and outside the Lovelock family. Lots of trips to collect materials for our garden, including hawthorne trees for the birds to nest in - safe from the cats ! :-)

June's Youtube Channel is on our Contact page. She MAY add more videos :-)

June has now provided Robin with materials to complete the fairy below :-)

white strip

Lovelocks see the New Year in - and Robin's uncompleted Christmas Fairy :-)

Tap or Click on pictures to play the video or enlarge the photo. The video shows the Lovelocks seeing the New Year in at home, then being treated at Gary & Saskia's over at Yately.

New Year 2024 with the Lovelocks in Sunninghill New Year 2024 with the Lovelocks in Sunninghill Visitors to our front door may have been startled by rude noises coming from the large "Fairy", which was one of Robin's uncompleted projects in 2023. Strong winds blew off some of her underwear, but she was soon re-dressed for the video.

Maybe the fairy will get completed in the coming days ? e.g. she or he should hold a handbag, and give a suitably "camp" guesture ? :-)

The video reveals that Robin enjoys watching visitor's reactions, on the CCTV, when he presses the remote control to the "Fart Machine", hidden under the gnome :-) p> white strip

Robin's leaking "Top Pond" ...

Robin Lovelock Our "Top Pond", outside the lounge Patio Door, was still leaking into next door in January 2024, despite LOTS of time and materials during 2023 - trying to stop the leak on the outside. This was because I left it too late in the year to start, and plants were begining to grow. More importantly, things like frogs, toads, newts, snails, dragon fly lava, and fishes, were starting to breed ! We did NOT want to empty everything out, seal it, then put the plants, wildlife, and fishes back.

The nitty gritty of this work appears in many of the 60 "2023 Photo Trail" videos . i.e. attempting to trace the path of the leaking water; using tubs of fast setting ready mix cement; topping up to see where the water goes - including under the fence into Kevin and Dawn's next door ! Thanks for your "alerts" and patience guys ;-)

The picture below shows SOME of the wildlife, in and around our ponds, that we enjoy watching, sat on the patio, looking out of the window, or on the CCTV and web cams. For those using translation flags, the text on the picture says QUOTE: Some of wildlife seen in our ponds. < sorry about these lines through the text :-) Robin bathing, Dragonfly, Frog, Toad, Newt, Water snail, Water Beetle, Mirror Carp, Rudd, Koi Carp. UNQUOTE. Others to be added include Goldfish, and watching attempts by the heron to steal the fish. That's why we put the CCTV in, decades ago :-) Also cats, up to mischief or on "Guard Duty". Visitors for the peanuts, or to drink, such as foxes, hedgehogs, badgers, and deer - depending on the time of the year, and how "stealthy" you are ;-)

Pond Life

January 2024 Photo Trails In January 2024 we made good progress in preparing to do the "Pond Job" - properly ! :-) With any Project, it's important to do thing in the right order. Robin has put in a third (temporary?) pond, where the "Bog Garden" is. This is a better place to put any wildlife found, when draining the top pond. e.g. fish.

We didn't know how many survived the heron until late January: Just one goldfish ! :-| There had been LOTS, for years, including goldfish, Koi, and mirror carp. Our water squirters being out of action meant that the heron would have been feasting - particularly when we were away.

This work on the pond(s) is combined, with very little extra effort, in implementing June's "bright idea" of planting hawthorne trees and hedges, to encourage the nesting of the many birds that visit our bird-feeders.

Maybe more here in due course, but for now, the introduction in this unfinished January 2024 video shows well our progress, and how it is being done. These photos below may also help, starting with some take in 2020, to be found on things like our CCTV , and/or Covid19 , pages.

2020: Robin, June, and Samanta, in 2020 Covid Lockdown, standing on the "Top Bridge" over "Top Pond". Pond in Covid

white strip

In 2020 Robin upgraded our wired Swann CCTV system with 4000 line cameras ;-) Pond

white strip

Chinese Friends - Near & Far, Old & New. Chinese New Year is 10th February 2024 ...

In 1995: AsOnTV : Nick Knowles is arrested outside The Jade ( Fountain ) Chinese Restaurant in Sunninghill, by Thames Valley Police - watched by owner Henry :-)

Tap or Click on pictures to play videos, expand, or visit the relevant page. e.g. Chase & AVL where you will find Allan of Gotop and trackers like that on the right ;-)

Utube video xmas23 xmas23 chase Allan of Gotop PocketPal SOS Pendant from Gotop white strip

Chinese New Year 2024 is on Saturday 10th February, and begins "The Year of the Dragon".

I am reminded of our 2020 Christmas Newsletter and the picture of Jhins, speaking about the birth of his son YiTing. Many years ago, Jhins was International Sales Manager for ConCox, in Shenzhen, early suppliers of GPS trackers. In 2011 we used Concox GT02 GPS trackers in the BBC GPS Bottle Tracking project. That's Dolly Dorset below :-) white strip

Jhins BBC bottle tracking BBC Bottle tracking BBC Bottle tracking BBC Bottle tracking BBC Bottle tracking

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Wrapping up this 2023 Newsletter ...

Robin Lovelock Making those "photo trail" videos, in 2023, became an obsession, so many local friends will be pleased that I did at least "pause" the habit :-)

There must be over 350 days of photo-trail in the 60 videos added to .

But they did serve a useful purpose, to share detailed information with anyone, on a host of subjects, including what I spent time on, most days, in 2023 - and a good few years earlier. e.g. looking at "visitors" on our CCTV cameras. e.g. wildlife, like foxes, hedghogs, badgers, deer, cats - and, of course, people ;-) Tap or Click on that CCTV banner below, to visit my old CCTV page - or just scroll to the relevant extract below.


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Footnotes added in January 2024. e.g. Old "Crime" videos; Peanuts shared by Deer, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Pidgeons :-)

Crime 28AC The August 2020 Crime video is below. The text on the above picture reads ...QUOTE: There are many cameras in Armitage Court ;-) The thieves leave the house, carrying the stolen goods. One frame from 4000 line Swann. Reduced 1000 line published. Better released later ? ;-) UNQUOTE. Some other videos here are directly relevant ;-)

White strip Old CCTV Crime video from 2019 Old CCTV Crime video from August 2020 Minor Incident :-) Peanuts, Deer, Foxes, Pidgeons on CCTV and AA Dashcam White strip Badger & Fox share peanuts White strip

More later ? Sorry: it may take a while to update this section - many other other things in progress ;-)

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Lots more to add, if and when I have the time :-)

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