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Those helping with testing of GPSSppc

Updated Tuesday 6th September 2011 UK time

see the GPS Tourist guide for Corfu in Greece

Robin These are the kind people who have tested GPSS for the Pocket PC .

Mio P350 The list was moved here, since it became too long for the beta testing page.

I'd like to thank all those who have helped - particularly Rob, Nick, Bryan, Jan and Alex. But all of your feedback is valuable to me: it helps us find and fix the bugs more quickly. Some will find the page useful, to see if anyone has GPSSppc working on the same hardware, or may be experiencing similar problems.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, and tell me of progress or problems.

e.g. most platforms, such as from HP or Mio, work perfectly, but the HTC TyTn ii with WM6 needs GPSGate for the GPS.

Some of you may be happy to join those listed below. Move your mouse over the pictures to see what hardware product.

those helping us test latest GPSSppc ...

Asus MyPal A63 Mio P350

Robin is grateful to those helping test the pre-release GPSS for Pocket PC.

These people have tried GPSS on their Pocket PC: 213 are OK with the GPS; best or recent results first (roughly). * indicates those who also have had full Windows GPSS working with GPS and done download steps 1 and 2.

If you wish, We can add contact information about you, but normally it will be limited to first name, town and country. e.g. "Robin in Sunninghill, UK". You can find the information below on your iPAQ via Start-Settings-System-ppcusers. Please email your latest report to Robin, with content similar to those below. Please say what version of gpssppc.exe you last used.

Yakumo delta 300

latest baseline version 13 ...

  • Daniel near Dresden,Germany: GPSSppc v13 on Yakumo delta 300. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Spiro in London,UK: GPSSppc v13 on HTC Touch HD with 480x800 screen. WM6.1. OK with GPSGate. Blue under map. (originally v11L on XDA Orbit mk1 (HTC P3300). WM5. OK with GPSgate).

beta copies of version 13 ...

  • Michael in Poole,UK: GPSSppc v13f on Dell Axim x51 with freedom keychain GPS. was v11 on Dell Axim X50. WM6. OK with Fuzion GPS.
  • * Terry in Fleet,UK: GPSSppc v13d on Mio P350. WM5. OK with internal GPS on COM2.
  • *Andy in Tychy,Poland: GPSSppc v13c on Mio180. WM2003. OK with internal GPS on COM2.
  • * Nick in Stowmarket,UK: GPSSppc v13b on HTC HD2. WM6.5 Pro. OK with GPSGate but strange chars at top on last button page. Box around destination icon. But GPSSppc v13b (was v11L) on full VGA Dell Axim AX51v. WM5. OK with Tomtom BT: no such problems. Mio 180
earlier baseline version 12 ...
  • Jos in Rheden,Holland: GPSSppc v12 on Asus Mypal A63: WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Chris in Perth,Australia: GPSSppc v12 on iPAQ6515. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Sarraa in Cairo,Egypt: GPSSppc v12 on Samsung SGH i750. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Gorm in Denmark: GPSSppc v12 on Mio 168. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Ehab in Alexandria,Egypt: GPSSppc v12 on iPAQ6515. WM2003. GPS unreliable?
  • Jan in Bratislava,Slovakia: GPSSppc v12 on HTC Leo. WM6. OK with GPSGate.
  • * Jan in Roermond,Holland: GPSSppc v12 on MioP350. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Gabriel in Choisy-le-Roi,France: GPSSppc on Mio168. WM? OK with GPS.
earlier versions ...
    Samsung SGH i750
  • Jonathan in Chesham,UK: GPSSppc v12h on iPAQ 4700. WM6. OK with BT GPS.
  • James in Leeds,UK: GPSSppc v12h on Opticon H19. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • David in Atherton,UK: GPSSppc v12e on HTC Touch p3450 phone. WM2006. OK with GP-27 BT on COM6 @9600.
  • David in Woodbridge,USA: GPSSppc v12e on HTC Titan. WM6. OK with GPSGate.
  • * Alex in Corfu: GPSSppc v12c on Mio P350 WM5 & Mio P360 WM6. OK with GPS. Partner See GPS TOURIST.
  • Ray in Garforth,UK: GPSSppc v12c on siemens loox n520. WM6. OK with GPS.

  • Scott in Bracknell,UK: GPSSppc v11 on TyTn ii +GPSGate. was Orange M3100 (I-Mate JasJam) with BT,4,96k.
  • Pieter in Lint,Belgium: GPSSppc v11 on iPAQ hx4700. WM6.1 OK with Holux gpslim236.
  • * Tuan in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam: GPSSppc v11 on O2 Xda mini smartphone. WM2003. OK with BT GPS.
  • Andy in Blackpool,UK: GPSSppc v11 on iPAQ 2790b. WM2005. OK with BT GPS.
  • Russell in Penarth,UK: GPSSppc v11 on iPAQ 214. WM6. OK with Nikkai BT GPS. Typhoon 7000XL
  • Frank in Mossley,UK: GPSSppc v11 on Asus P526. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • * Wale in Nigeria: GPSSppc v11 on unkown hardware. WM?? OK with external GPS.
  • Jamal in Jakarta,Indonesia: GPSSppc v11 on O2 MWG. WM2006. OK with GPS.
  • Victor in San Pedro,Costa Rica: GPSSppc v11 on iPAQ 6925. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Jesse in Clyro,UK: GPSSppc v11 on Micromaxx. WM2005. OK with GPS.
  • Richard in Bristol,UK: GPSSppc v11 on Asus MyPal A696. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Martin in Christchurch,NZ: GPSSppc v11 on iPAQ hx4700. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Tony in Sherborne,UK: GPSSppc v11 on HTC Touch P3450. WM6. OK with iBT GPS BN-905GR on COM7 at 115200.
  • Brendan in Norwich,UK: GPSSppc v11 on Navman PiN 570. WM2003. OK with latest CF.
  • Marcel in Paraguay: GPSSppc v11 on Typhoon 7000XL. WM2003. OK with GPS. unknown hardware
  • Bill in Lower Hutt, NZ: GPSSppc v11 on iPaq hx2750. WM6. OK with Rikaline 6036 GPS.
  • * David in Kirrawee,Oz: GPSSppc v11 on Dell Axim X50. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Vincent in Medina Sidonia,Spain: GPSSppc v11 on Asus 632N. WM2005. OK with GPS.
  • Gert in Aabenraa,Denmark: GPSSppc v11 on Medion MDPPC150 (Mio 168). WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Muya in Nairobi,Kenya: GPSSppc v11 on Hantel Q5. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Stephen in Scaynes Hill. GPSSppc v11 on HTC Touch HD. WM6. OK with GPSGate.
  • Calixte in Nairobi,Kenya: GPSSppc v11 on iPAQ 6915w. WM5. OK with GPS.

  • Stanley in Cardiff,UK: GPSSppc v11p on Mio a701. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • * Akalu in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia: GPSSppc v11L on Mio P350. WM5. OK with GPS. Partner See ANZIRE SATNAV
  • Michael in Haywards Heath,UK: GPSSppc v11L on Mio P350. WM5. OK with GPS. Mio P360
  • Dave in Boston,USA: GPSSppc v11i on Treo 700w. WM5. OK with BT GPS.
  • Jan in Lommel,Belgium: GPSSppc v11h on iPAQ rx5935. WM5. OK with GPS: COM1 at 9600.
  • Marc in Nijmegen, Holland: GPSSppc v11b on E-Ten Glofish x500. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Pedro in Bogota,Colombia: GPSSppc v11b on HTC TyTn ii. WM6. GPS unreliable.
  • * Manfred in Hawthorne,USA: GPSSppc v11a on Axim X5 Pocket PC v4.2 OK with GPS Haicom303cf on com5.

  • Mark in Spring,USA: GPSSppc v10 on HTC Hemes (att 8525). WM6. OK with BT GPS.
  • Richard in London,UK: GPSSppc v10 on ASUS P750 phone. WM6. GPS OK on COM5 at 57600.
  • Raja in Papua New Guinea: GPSSppc v10 on TyTn ii. WM6. GPS problems.
  • Geoff in Blaenavon,UK: GPSSppc v10 on Micromaxx Mio168. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Brian in Palmerston,NZ: GPSSppc v10 on htc p4550 tytn ii. WM6. unreliable with GPS. HTC Tytn ii
  • Adrian in Brunei: GPSSppc v10 on iPAQ 4300. WM2003. OK with Akron GPS mount.
  • Roger in Dallas,USA: GPSSppc v10 on Acer c500. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Andrey in Samara,Russia: GPSSppc v10 on eten x500. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Bill in Coventry,UK: GPSSppc v10 on iPAQ hx2190. WM2005. OK with GPS.
  • * Brad in Darwin,Oz: GPSSppc v10 on Airis ?. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Borislav in Lom,Bulgaria: GPSSppc v10 on iPAQ 2790. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Ian in Polegate,UK: GPSSppc v10 on Acer n35. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • John in Crowthorne,UK: GPSSppc v10 on loox t830. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • John in Finedon,UK: GPSSppc v10 on iPAQ hx2490. WM2005. OK with BT GPS on COM8.
  • Adrian in Worle,UK: GPSSppc v10 on Palm Treo 750v. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Tom in Saugerties, USA: GPSSppc v10 on Dell Axim x50v. WM2003. OK with BT-309 GPS.
  • Bhanu in Antony,France: GPSSppc v10 on Asus 639. WM6. OK with GPS. Chase using bluetooth
  • Richard in Hermanus,South Africa and UK: GPSSppc v10 on HTC P3300. WM5. OK with GPSGate.
  • Alaa in Cairo,Egypt: GPSSppc v10 on HTC TyTn ii. WM6. OK with GPS?
  • Peter in Tasmania: GPSSppc v10 on HP hx2490b. WM5. OK with ts-gbt010 GPS.
  • Patrick in Kuwait: GPSSppc v10 on HTC Diamond smartphone. WM6. OK with GPSGate.
  • Steve in Brisbane,Oz: GPSSppc v10 on Dell Axim x5. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Mat in Sydney,Oz: GPSSppc v10 on Palm Treo 750. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Don in Plano,USA: GPSSppc v10 on Mio 168 (Navman PiN). WM4.2. OK with GPS.
  • Adam in Whitley Bay,UK: GPSSppc v10 on HTC TyTn. WM6. OK with GPS via GPSGate.
  • William in Enniskillen,UK: GPSSppc v10 on Cect. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Paul in Walthamstow then Oz: GPSSppc v10 on iPAQ 114. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Stefano in Philippines: GPSSppc v10 on square HP iPAQ 6915 Smartphone. WM5. OK with GPS on COM7 at 4800.
  • Paul in Westerhope,UK: GPSSppc v10p on iPAQ rx5935. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • * Sham in Staines,UK: GPSSppc v10o on O2 XDA Stellar (**HTC TytnII/KAISER) Smartphone. WM6Pro 400Mhz, Built-in GPS (COM4/4800) NOT-OK, GPSGate (COM1/4800) OK, Bluetooth GPS (COM9/4800) OK, Remote Tracking using SonyEricssom K800i on Bluetooth (COM8/9600) OK See PPC Chase. Partner Trimble Juno ST
  • Jared in Rantoul,USA: GPSSppc v10m on HTC tytn i / at. WM6. OK with BT GPS.
  • * David in Hythe Marina,UK. GPSSppc v10m on iPAQ 5550. W2003. OK with GPS on COM8 at 4800 (eventualy).
  • Chris in Rhayader,UK: GPSSppc v10m on Asus a639. WM2006. OK with GPS.
  • Chris in West Kilbride,UK: GPSSppc v10k on Acer n311. WM5. OK with BT GPS.
  • Anthony in Kingston,Jamaica: GPSSppc v10h on HTC p3650. WM6. Almost OK with GPS.
  • George in Nicosia,Cyprus: GPSSppc v10g on Eten glofiish x800. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Brijesh in Delhi,India: GPSSppc v10g on asus p526. WM2006. OK with GPSGate.
  • Enrico in Catania, Sicily: GPSSppc v10g on Mio P350. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • * Gregory in Dutch Antilles: GPSSppc v10g on HTC TyTN II. WM6. OK with GPS. Partner
  • Andy in Cambridge,UK: GPSSppc v10e on Acer n35. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • * Alessandro Palacpac, Jr. in Los Ba˝os, Laguna, Philippines: GPSSppc v10a: HP iPAQ CLASSIC 111. WM6. OK with Holux GPSlim 236 on COM 6 at 4800. full VGA Dell Axim AX51v
  • * Julian in Austria: GPSSppc v10a on Tmobile ameo (htc). WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Andy in Cambridge,UK: GPSSppc v9 on Acer n35. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Fu in Indonesia: GPSSppc v9 on Trimble Juno ST. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Jim in Woodridge,USA: GPSSppc v9 on HP 4295. OK with BT GPS.
  • Joseph in Florida,USA: GPSSppc v9r on Verizon wireless xv6700. WM6. OK with GPS.
    xv6700 is also known as HTC Apache, Audiovox PPC6700, Sprint, Alltel, Qwest, etc. PPC670.
  • Arif in Sydney: GPSSppc v9q on Airis PDA. WM2005. OK with GPS.
  • * Shahzaman in Bangladesh: GPSSppc v9p on HTC Tytan II. WM6 GPSGate for GPS.
  • Shezad in Karachi,Pakistan: GPSSppc v9? on eten x800. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • Rob in New Zealand: GPSSppc v9o on iPAQ rx3715. WM2003. OK with Holux GPSlim 236 BT.
  • Bruce in Gorham,USA: GPSSppc v9o on iPAQ2755. WM2003. OK with Grino110 GPS.
  • Andrew in Swansea,UK: GPSSppc v9o on ipaq h6340. WM2003. OK with holux btslim 236 GPS. iPAQ 6915w
  • David in Bishop's Stortford,UK: GPSSppc v9o on iPAQ5550. CE4.2. OK with GPS. FIRST ON CE4.2 !
  • Rice, Deerfield Beach, FL, USA. GPSSppc v9n on AT&T Tilt (HTC 8925,/Kaiser,/TyTn II). WM6. OK with GPS. Speed?
  • Graham in Uxbridge,UK: GPSSppc v9n on Dell Axim x51v. WM5. OK with jrt-29BT GPS.
  • Alex in Madison,USA: GPSSppc v9m on Navigon 2100. CE 5.0. OK with GPS. Buttons too low and grey box at top.
  • Johan in Paarl,South Africa: GPSSppc v9k on Dell Axim x30. WM?. OK with BT-5 GPS.
  • Chris in Johnson City,USA: GPSSppc v9k on Samsung sch-i760. WM2006. OK with GPS.
  • Salla in Dakar,Senegal: GPSSppc v9h on iPAQ hw6945. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • * Bryan in Kitchener,Canada: GPSSppc v9g on iPAQ HX2490 OK with holux gpslim236.
  • * Mike in Ipswich,UK: GPSSppc v9c on iPAQ2210. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Jeremy in Hawai: GPSSppc v9b on Dell Axim x5. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Gareth in Holmrook,UK: GPSSppc v8 on o2 orbit. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Jeremy in Winchcombe,UK: GPSSppc v8 on Orange spv m700. WM? OK with GPS. HP iPAQ CLASSIC 111
  • Rama in Ipswich,UK: GPSSppc v8 on iPAQ hw6965. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Amine in Rabat,Morocco: GPSSppc v8 on htc3600. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • * Jack in Cheadle,UK: GPSSppc v8 on Mio 168. WM? OK with GPS.
  • Riaan in Cape Town, South Africa: GPSSppc v8 on HTC TyTn ii. WM8. OK with GPS.
  • Joel in Bassersdorf,Switzerland: GPSSppc v8v on HTC tytn. WM6. OK with BT GPS.
  • Sim in Georgetown,Malaysia: GPSSppc v8u on Symbol mc35. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Anton in Boliden,Sweden: GPSSppc v8t on Fujitsu-Siemens l00x n560. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Jeroen in Kampala,Uganda: GPSSppc v8p on Mio a701. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Pierre in Vaudreuil-Dorion,Canada: GPSSppc v8p on iPAQ2190hx. WM? OK with holux cf GPS.
  • Alec in Maidenhead,UK: GPSSppc v8L on Symbol mc35. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Derek in Swansea,UK: GPSSppc v8j on Orange spv m700. WM2005. OK with GPS. HP iPAQ HX2490
  • * Anthony in Rainham,UK: GPSSppc v8f on Dell Axim51V. WM5. ROMvA12. GPS 4800 on COM8 OK.
  • * Steven in Bristol,UK: GPSSppc v8f on iPAQ 2190. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • David in Ashton Under Lyne,UK: GPSSppc v8f on iPAQ 6915. WM5. OK with GPS on COM7.
  • Nicolas in Jakarta,Indonesia: GPSSppc v8d on Eten glofish m700. WM2006. OK with GPS.
  • Lee in poole,UK: GPSSppc v7 on Orange spv m2000. WM2003 OK with jrt20 GPS.
  • David in Denny,UK: GPSSppc v7 on Dell Axim x5. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Irfan in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: GPSSppc v7t on eten glofiish x500. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • * Colin in Middlesbrough,UK: GPSSppc v7q on discontinued AA Navigator. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Andrew in Dronfield,UK: GPSSppc v7p on Orange spv m700: WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Daniel in Hong Kong,China: GPSSppc v7p on Del Axim X50. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Neeraj in Liverpool,UK: GPSSppc v7i on Dell Axim x50v. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Juan in Bogota,Colombia: GPSSppc v7i on iPAQ hw6945. WM? OK with GPS. Medion MDPPC150 (Mio 168)
  • Bill in Chigwell,UK: GPSSppc v7h on XDA Orbit. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Kazuo in Germany: GPSSppc v7f on W-ZERO3[es] with 232usb(RS232 USB Serial Driver). WM5. OK with Globalsat BU-353 at 4800 and with Globalsat DG-100 Data Logger in GMouse mode at 115200.
  • Mike in Bedford,USA: GPSSppc v7f on IPAQ H6315. WM2003. OK with JRT-29 GPS.
  • Chris in Stroud,UK: GPSSppc v7d on Dell Axim 51v. WM5. OK with gp-27BT GPS.
  • Brian in Manila,Philippines: GPSSppc v6 on Dell Axim x50. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • * Geoff in Mafikeng,South Africa: GPSSppc v6 on HTC P3600. WM5. GPS on COM9 at 4800.
  • Rudolf Cerny in Prague: GPSSppc v6 on Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N560. WM5. GPS at 9600.
  • Pete in Barnard Castle: GPSSppc V6z on Mio 168. WM2003. GPS OK on COM2 4800.
  • Gilberto in Jacksonville,USA: GPSSppc v6g on att/cingular 8525. WM2005. OK with GPS.
  • Ben in Mississauga,Canada: GPSSppc v6e on dopod p800. WM5. OK with GPS. Map Problems
  • Kevin in Bracknell,UK: GPSSppc v6d on iPAQ3870. OK with Holux BT-321 GPS.
  • * Axel in Bramming,Denmark: GPSSppc v6d on iPAQ 1945. WM2003. OK with blutooth GPS via GPSGate.
  • Leo in Okinawa,Japan: GPSSppc v6d on HTC Hermes. WM5. OK with globalsat bt 359
  • Jeff in Haddenham,UK: GPSSppc v6d on Acer n35. OK after upgrade to WM2003SE (free from Acer).
  • Jonathan in Fleet,UK: GPSSppc v6d on Dell Axim x51. WM5. OK with GPS. full VGA Dell Axim x50
  • Don in Sierra Vista,USA: GPSSppc v6c on ipaq 2495b. WM5. OK with pharos500 GPS.
  • Dirk in Eckernfoerde,Germany: GPSSppc v5 on fujitsu siemens loox 830. WM5. GPS COM6 at 9600.
  • * Luv in New Delhi,India: GPSSppc v5 on Xda O2 mini. WM2003. OK with GPS on COM5 at 9600.
  • Harshal in Pune,India: GPSSppc v5 on HTC X7500. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Simon in Burgas,Bulgaria: GPSSppc v5 on Airis t620. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Andrew in WestonZoyland,UK: GPSSppc v5m on xda iis, WM2003. OK with GPSlim326 GPS.
  • Guy in Praze-an-beeble,UK: GPSSppc v5a on Orange spv m3100. WM5. OK with sirfstariii GPS.
  • * Chi in Perth,Australia: GPSSppc v4 on iPAQ3417. WM2003. OK with GPS.
  • Andrew in Frome,UK: GPSSppc v4 on Palm Treo 750v. WM5. OK with emtac crux ii BT GPS.
  • David in Garland,USA: GPSSppc v4r on Dell Axim x51v OK with iblue 737 GPS.
  • Mohsin in Karachi,Pakistan: GPSSppc v3 on imate pda2k. WM5 (upgraded). OK with sirf star GPS. HP iPAQ 6515
  • * Art (JA1OGS) in Saitama-city,Japan: GPSSppc V3 on Dell x50v Ok with BT GPS.
  • Niels in Qatar: GPSSppc v3 on HTC P3600. WM5.0. OK with Holux GPSlim 236 GPS via GPSGate.
  • Ulysse in Zurich,Switzerland: GPSSppc v3 on Acer n300. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • Akira in Oyama,Japan: GPSSppc v3a on iPAQ rx5965. OK with GPS.
  • Alec near LA in USA: GPSSppc v3a on E-TEN Glofiish M700. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • * Dave in Nottingham,UK: GPSSppc v2i on iPAQ 3870. WM2003 (was WM2002). Holux Bluetooth GPSlim236.
  • * Alex in Maribor,Slovenia: GPSSppc v2 OK on HP iPAQ rz1710. WM 2003. OK with Navilock GPS.
  • Naftali in Telaviv, Israel and Senegal: GPSSppc v2 OK on Palm Mio 168 direct with GPS on COM2.
  • * Jacques in Mauritius: GPSSppc v2e on xda atom o2 Microsoft Window Mobile Version 5.0 OS 5.1.195 (build 14929.2.2.1), Processor ARMV41I PXA27x and 1GB mini SD with a bluetooth hp ipaq bt-308.
  • Aki in Lahti, Finland: GPSSppc v1. Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX N520. Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium Edition. Intel PXA270 Processor with 312 MHz. Integrated SiRF Star III gps-receiver on COM 8 at 9600. HTC P3600 with Holux GPSlim 236
  • * Brandt in Winnipeg, MB Canada: GPSSppc v2l on iPAQ 2410. PPC2003. HP 6230 WinXP, Holux Bluetooth GPSlim236.
  • David in Haddington,UK: GPSSppc v2j on iPAQ3970. WM2003 (upgraded from WM2002) with NavMan 3450.
  • David in Wrexham,UK: GPSSppc v2e on Medion MD95000. WM2003. OK with mdppc150 GPS.
  • * Robin in Durban, South Africa: GPSSppc v1 on IMate K-Jam. WM5 with BT-359 BT GPS.
  • * Ram in Hyderabad,India: GPSSppc v2i on HP iPAQ 4350. WM2003. OK with Rikaline BT 6031-x7 GPS.
  • * Sanjay Pajni in Delhi, India : GPSSppc v1 on O2 mini.
  • Abhish in Bombay, India: GPSSppc v1 on hp hw6515 Smatphone. WM2003. OK with globallocate GPS.
  • * Hamid in Cairo: GPSSppc v1 on HP6515c (Pocket PC2003) with own GPS and an HTC Prophet (WM5) (also sold as I-mate JamIn, Qtek S200, XDA neo or dopod 818pdo).
  • Ricardo in Guatemala City: GPSSppc on HP Ipaq HW 6515 Smartphone. WM2003. GPS on COM7. IMate K-Jam
  • Kriengsak in Abu Dhabi,UAE: GPSSppc v1 on I-Mate Jasjam Smartphone WM5 with blue tooth SiRFIII GPS.
  • * David in Sheerness,UK & Sierra Leone: GPSSppc v1 on Orange SPV M3100 WM5 with GlobalSat BT GPS.
  • * Geoff in Twyning,UK: GPSSppc v1 on Qtek 2020i Smartphone. WM2003. OK with BT bn-800gr GPS on COM6. Need to start GPS before GPSSppc. Problem with 2400x2800 map. Slow if speaking.
  • Richard in Buxted,UK: GPSSppc v2b on HP iPAQ 2210 (Windows Pocket PC 2003 Premium) with Holux GR230 Bluetooth GPS on COM8. Exit delays may be due to use of 250MB CF card.
  • *Manfred in Johannesburg,South Africa: GPSSppc on HP iPAQ2110 WM2003+MagSptTrk GPS on COM1.
  • Tri in Dawson Creek, Canada: GPSSppc v2e on Airis t620, similar to Mio p550. WM2005. from Enrico in Sicily
  • Mark in Vancouver, Canada: GPSSppc v2h on HP IPAQ HW6515. WM2003. GPS with GPSGate OK. Map switching problems.
  • Curtis in Ladner,Canada with Dell Axim x50v. WM2003. has holux 213 GPS working with GPSSppc. Vancouver map OK after reduced to 16 colours. "blue out" problem on 1024x768 and bigger maps.
  • * Khalid in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia with E-TEN M600 (Plus) Smartphone. WM6. OK with GPS.
  • * Thomas in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. GPSSppc v1. I-mate PDA-N Smartphone. WM5. OK with GPS.
  • * Jim in New Port Richey, USA: GPSSppc v2i on iPAQ hx2410. WM2003. Maps slow on CF memory.
  • Christopher in San Francisco,USA has GPSSppc working with GPS on iPAQ6945 Smartphone WM5.
  • * Martin in Poole,UK: Mio 168. GPS on COM5 works both with GPSGate and direct to gpssp. RuntimeFAT.ppc.exe. GPSS registered. RDF
  • * Roslinda in Staines,UK has GPSSppc working with GPS on T-Mobile Vario (WIZA200) Smartphone, WM5.0 (OS5.1.195 Build 14847.2.0.0), Processor OMAP850-195Mhz, 64mb, ROM version,Storagecard MiniSD 1Gb, Gps Holux Slim 236 on Bluetooth COM 7 (4800,n,8,1). Don in Sierra Vista
  • * Chris in North Platte, USA: iPAQ rx3115. Windows Mobile 2003 second edition. Version 4.21.1088 (Build 14235.2.0.0) Samsung S3C2440. Memory 56.66 MB GPS is Bluetooth BT-308. Work with GPS and USA map. Display layout problem.
  • * Alan in Cullompton,UK: Dell Axim X30 with bluetooth GPS works OK with GPSSppc. Minor problems with v1K: if you turn on or off the Wi Fi its kills the bluetooth link and gpssppc throws up an unexpected error. If you turn on the Wi Fi before connecting with gpssppc it still works as normal. Also if you change from portrait to landscape the menu icon is lost off the side of the screen.
  • John in Richmond Hill, USA has GPSSppc working on Asus 636n WM5.
  • Tony in East Perth, Australia: GPSSppc on Mio 168 with Mio169/NavmanPIN GPS at 4800 on COM2.
  • Juan in Morrisville, USA and Costa Rica with Siemens SX66 Pocket PC phone and Pharos IGPS-180. GPSSppc works with GPS and maps.
  • Phil in Gwynedd,UK & Africa: GPSSppc v2e working with the GPS on Mio A701 Smartphone. WM5.
  • Bozidar in Split, Croatia has GPSSppc working on asus 636 WM5 with the GPS. Tri in Canada's picture
  • Francois in Quebec City, Canada: Smartphone E_TEN M600 Quad Band GSM PPC. Windows Mobile 5.0 (OS 5.1.170, Build 14402.1.1.0) Processor: S3C2440A-400Mhz Bluetooth Holux GR-230 receiver. GPS works fine with gpssp direct from COM6. No need for GPSGate.
  • Philip in Hungerford,UK : Mio168 (inc GPS into SD slot) All OK with GPSGate or direct from COM2.
  • Hugues in Villeneuve, Switzerland with Orange SPV M5000 Smartphone with Fuzion Solar GPS. Works OK with GPSGate.
  • Jerry in Houston, USA: Dell Axim X3i with Intel XScale 400 MHz processor, 64MB ROM, 64MB of RAM, 512MB SD card. MS Pocket PC version 4.20.0 (Build 13349). Had early install problems but now all working OK with GPS.
  • David Gay in Stafford,UK: Mitac Mio 168 with GPS on COM2. GPSSppc OK after instal of .net framework. HP iPAQ rx5965
  • Mike Protts in Chard,UK with Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 720 reports GPSSppc runs OK with GPS.
  • Terry in Armidale, NSW, Australia with Ipaq 6515 has GPSSppc and GPSSp working with GPS via GPSGate but not direct from COM7.
  • * Don in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam: GPSSppc works on iPAQ 6500 including GPS which is on COM7 at 4800 via GPSGate.
  • Anthony in Ardleigh,UK with XDA Mini S and BT 77 GPS. WM5. GPSSppc works with GPS on virtual COM8 at 9600 after some fiddling. Eratic position.
  • Maurice in Bugbrooke,UK has GPSSppc on Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N560. Works with GPS but 30sec delays during WAW.
  • Jason on Isle of Lewis, UK with Orange m5000 Smartphone. WM5. Startup screen with bad layout. Bluetooth GPS works on COM4. But all very slow.
  • Dries in Joburg,South Africa: GPSSppc v10L on htc tytn ll. WM6. GPS needs GPSGate.
these have GPSSppc working, but not with GPS: from Jeroen in Uganda
  • Hanan in Israel: GPSSppc v10p on Samsung i780. WM6. 320x320 screen. GPS not yet OK.
  • Jon in LA, USA: GPSSppc works on iPAQ 6515 but not with GPS on COM7. Interference from MS Trips?
These don't have GPSSppc working at all:
  • Ricardo with Moto q9h Global. WM6.1 "Error gpssppc.exe notsupportedexception ..." Tried to install the microsoft compact framework but got an error. ... trying to install version 2.0.5238 but had a new version 2.0.7045 already installed and would have to remove it before trying to downgrade.
  • Martin in UK: GPSSppc v11 on HP iPAQ 514. WM6. Latest MSCF. Gives "not supported exception".
  • Steve in Tunbridge Wells,UK: GPSSppc v9 on Orange SPV E650. WM6. Gives NotReportedException.
  • Tony in Scarborough,UK: GPSSppc v 7 on Orange SPV C600. WM5. gives NotReportedException.
  • Fred in Kelowna,Canada: GPSSppc v7 on HTC S621. WM5 upgrade to WM6 gave NotSupportedException. runs on emulator under WM6 Pro. Orange M3100 I-Mate JasJam
  • * Arnost in Plze˛,Czech Republic: GPSSppc on ipaqrx4240. WM5. Cannot install NetCFSetupv2.
  • Fernando in Caracas, Venezuela: GPSSppc v3 on HTC S620. WM5. gpssppc.exe gives NotSupportesException - In Microsoft.AGL.Common.MISC.HandleAr()
  • *Chris in Codford,UK with O2 XDA IQ (badged HTC Tornado) Mobile 5.0 Smartphone. GPSSppc gives NotSupportedException.
  • Bernard in Paris, France: HP6515c (UK model) version 1.04.00 WWE under Windows CE 4.21, screen resolution 240x240. GPS on COM7. Just getting started. Soft reset needed.
  • * Costantino in Monza, Italy: NSBasic gives message "Impossible to install NSB It is not possible to use the installation file on this equipment". NSBasic say "do not support this smartphone". (Qtek 8010, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, ver. 4.21.1088, build 15045.2.6.0). Then tried gpssppc.exe below. Tried to install .net runtime 2.0 at provided Microsoft link: says that it is not compatible with current operating system. Costantino later reported: "I surfed some blogs: Windows Mobile 2003 SE for Smartphone is based on Windows CE 4.2 and it seems that .net 2.0 does not yet support Windows CE 4.2 (it is supposed to have this support within 1H2006)." Hantel Q5
  • Malcolm in Castle Cary, UK: ipaq 3850. Cannot run GPSSp or GPSSppc. Compact Framework would not install on old Windows Mobile 2002. Hopes to upgrade to Windows Mobile 2003.
  • Doug in Gloucester,UK: ADVENT GPS 400. has replaced Navigon s/w by TomTom but not any of above yet.
  • Mohammad in Eindhoven, Holland. GPSSp 1 Feb 06. Mio A201 has windows mobile 5.1.70 (Build 14406.1.1.1) operating system, processor: PXA270 312 MHz, memory: 53.53 MB. Did not work - but stopped TomTom working. WARNING TO OTHERS.

Platforms giving problems: I've received emails and Forum postings, with these problem reports ...
Samsung i617 BlackJack II. WM6. GPSSPPC.EXE aborts, even after installing latest Microsoft Compact Framework.
Orange SPV C600. WM5. Similar problems of giving NotSupportedException.

But, of course, there are a lot of platforms above that give no problem at all :-)

from Alex on Corfu Aki in Finland's picture from Rob in New Zealand from Jacques in Mauritius from Jacques in Mauritius from Nick in Stowmarket