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Sometimes I just cannot resist answering spam ...

Snoopy's mug :-) Here's my reply to whatever sent the usual poor imitation below it ....
Ooh Brant. I didn't know you knew my competitors: who are they ? Strange you did not catch me in: what's my 'phone number ? Which of my web sites are you referring to ? It will take most people less than a minute to answer the above. Let's see how long it takes you. How did you do it ? If needed, I'll tell you how, and maybe you will learn something :-)
OK let's see how quick you are: this email reply sent at 1428 GMT.
On 07/03/2016 14:21, Brant Scheifler wrote:
> Robin,
> Sorry I keep missing you by phone! You asked for some insight on your website, and how to grow your business online. I've got some great stuff to share that is working well with Google right now, and I you can even check your local score by going here. I need this info first, tho:
> What cities do you mainly service?
> Thanks,
> Brant Scheifler
> Founder
> 469-662-1295
> PS Did you know that most of your competitors have a local visibility score of less than 40? Find out what yours is, here.
> [unsubscribe]

No sensible reply expected of course :-)

I don't know how long it would take him to google the name in my email address, but it took google less than 0.5 seconds to respond :-)


Grumpy Robin

Offering to Web Weave for nothing ? :-)

robot boat to cross Atlantic from UK to USA Hi Guys ! I was forced to blow the dust off this old page when somebody posted this on reddit. The result was a massive (temporary) increase in traffic to my Snoopy page, and consequent increase in emailed offers of assistance to improve the presentation of my web pages. To see visitors, including your own, scroll down to the bottom of that Snoopy page.

For years, my morning routine is to delete this category of "spam", where the sender has obviously not looked at my site, and may in fact just be a 'bot, collecting possible punters. BUT, the difference is that, for a short time at least, I get emails that are as nice as this:
Hi there, I would like to develop your website, free of charge in the name of Charity. You have given so much with asking for very little, please contact me. Thanks, Josh Or this: Good day Robin, Hope all is well. I stumbled across your website via a Reddit post. I find it fascinating what you are attempting to accomplish with Snoopy! Let me get to the point of my contact with you, I am a web design/developer student currently living in the States and would absolutely love to take on the task of giving your website a (how can I put this kindly...) a proper facelift! Of course my work will be free of charge as I am a student, my only request from you will be that I have your permission to showcase your website in my design portfolio for future job opportunities when my schooling is complete. Please let me know if you would be (or not be) interested in this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you Robin. Cheers, Devin. I've only included first names here. Thanks guys.

I need to put more on this page, but let me say that perhaps there are ways in which we can help each other beyond your improving one or two of my web pages, in exchange for promotion of your skills. That reddit forum above could be useful to me. e.g. that suggestion from floppydisk - I still have old backups on them from 1991 :-)

How about any email starting by telling me your full name, year of birth, occupation, street address, or at least city and country, past experience, hobbies and other interests. Over 10,000 people have done this, in 150 countries, when they registered my free GPS Software. I may know someone within walking distance of you, although they have probably moved and changed their email address. You will be surprised how many people I've put in contact over the years.

You could also attach a screen shot, showing the top of this "new.htm" page, showing how badly it presents. Please don't forget to mention what platform, OS, and browser you used. Also, what other platforms you've looked at it on.

I hope to add more useful stuff here soon, but it may help us both a little already. Do not hesitate to browse my site, starting at the Home page, to discover more about what I'm using the pages for, and who the audience might be. You may also discover a lot about me :-)

Above last updated at 2105 GMT Friday 26th February 2016.

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ORIGINAL 2004 VERSION OF THIS PAGE - Mostly broken links and before smart phones ....

"New Look" of needed ?

Updated 0800 Friday 26th March 2004


Yes, I know - this web site looks terrible: maybe it is time had another facelift - and I know just the guy to do it - YOU :-) No financial reward I'm afraid - just due credit and a link to your own web site from this - and if you want - free registration of GPSS.

I'm happy to copy your style if you can at least do the homepage. The main criteria are that it be fast, look good, and be easily understood by those whose first language is not English. If you want to do something in your own language - so much the better. Priority is a new homepage quickly followed in similar style by a new chase.htm and download.htm pages.

There must be thousands of you out there who can do a better job than me, using some of the images on this site - but making a better looking homepage. That's all I want from you right now. Just grab the material you want, weave it into your version of my homepage, and send me the URL - I'll put a link from this page, and let others tell me which they prefer. Only condition of all this, is that I retain copyright on all the material from this site that you use, and have the right to pinch anything worthwile you create with it - which becomes my copyright. Also - when asked - you should delete the material off your web site. Hope that's not going to put too many of you off the idea. Could be a good opportunity for you to advertise your web-weaving skills.

Please don't forget that I get lots of feedback about "the style" of from many people, most of whom are not in the business of writing their own web pages. Think about it: if you got regular advice about changing your car from car dealers, how much attention would you pay to it, compared to that from other motorists ? ;-) However, I welcome advise from anyone.

Since I first set up this page, over three years ago, several people below, have been kind enough to show us what they can do. I have also, slowly, made changes to my "house style" (e.g. less italics :-) Before you invest your own time on weaving a GPSS page, I suggest you take a look at their examples. I will be interested in your opinion.

So far practically all the feedback I have received, from both "web weavers" and "Joe Public" (whose opinion is even more important to me) say the same: "Andrew Bullocks is the best".

After visiting the links below you may contact me on

Robin Lovelock


July 2003

Here is the GPSS Page by Andrew Bullock of

Here is the GPSS Page by Russell Barrett of

Here is the GPSS page by Peter Grave, with his site on

Here is the GPSS page created by Dinkar with web site on - no longer there ?

Here is the GPSS page by Jon Inns whose site is on - no longer there ?

Here is the GPSS page by Simon Markland of - no longer there ?

Here is the GPSS page by Klaas Runia of - no longer there ?

Here is the GPSS Page by Guy Barnea on - no longer there ?

Here is the GPSS Page by Steve Jones on - no longer there ?

Please let Robin know what you think of these draft pages.

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