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Robin's "Missing" page (under Construction)
Last update 1900z (2000 BST) Friday 26th April 2018.

Robin Lovelock Robin's business card

I'm Robin Lovelock and this hidden "Missing" page may eventually become public, after the family of Mr Rizkallah Moussah have had time to grieve. Mr Mossah's body was found on the land comprising part of Armitage and Murray Courts, a week after he went missing from the care home in Sunninghill. Details are below.

It's purpose is to share information, as an alternative to long emails, between guys who may be able to provide expert advice to Thames Valley Police (TVP) and volunteers such as Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue (BLLSR).

I hope all are happy in how I've used extracts from emails. Remember, that on the Net, nothing is truely private.

I hope lessons are learned from this sad case. Click on images to enlarge them, or visit a relevant page. white strip Sent to Jeff Pick, Neighbourhood Watch (NW) in Thames Valley Police >>>>
AMRA Helicopter over Sunninghill Hi Jeff. Great to still get your NW emails, even if I don't click on the links :-)
Maybe you can help by forwarding this to the right guy(s) in Thames Valley Police.
Perhaps to DI Stefan McLaughlan and/or further up the TVP chain.
I'll be happy to provide additional relevant additional information.
Anyone contacting me should invest at least a few minutes on a normal big screen :-)
Robin Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Berks. SL5 9TA.
01344 620775 but (dumb) mobile best: 07736 353 404.

sent to another ex-EASAMS Defence Industry workmate >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hi Terry. Pub Grub with Stuart and Richard is this Thursday. See you tomorrow, Tuesday ?

EASAMS One topic for discussion may be sad news of the old guy who went AWOL over a week ago.
>BBC News: Search and rescue teams made the discovery of a body in the undergrowth of Armitage Court at around 5.30pm on March 17.
This email will probably be sent to several guys who may help the police help me with my enquiries, rather than me with theirs ;-)

You, as an ex-EASAMS guy, will probably understand this email more quickly than most. e.g. the last picture below.
These Army guys were involved in the 1988 Lockerbie search and gave me relevant info on poor police procedures.
That was before all those later GPSS "Troubles" police contracts for UKAEA, Met, West Midlands, Ulster, Guarda, TVP, etc.
Thames Valley Police (TVP) were the last, after they starred in that nice publicity arranged by Nick Knowles.

Missing Missing I took an immediate close personal interest in the sad case of Mr Rizkallah Moussah, when June and I saw the police helicopter searching.
Rizkallah had last been seen at BEN, the Lynwood Retirement Village, at 1030 on Saturday 10/3/18.
He was 82, had Alzheimers, and - according to his son, searching Armitage Court with other family - still thought he was in Aleppo, Syria.
June and I returned from Wisley RHS at 1610 and I had the rare surprise that googling "helicopter over Sunninghill" gave the TVP alert,
with important details about him, including a photo of what he was wearing: dark jumper with dark purple and blue stripes.

It is, of course possible and understandable, that Rizkallah might have been frightened of the helicopter or guys searching for him.
The helicopter, even with night vision, is most unlikely to have seen him if under the rhododendrons covering the land for miles.
Hence the need for a well coordinated ground search, with at least two or three volunteers looking in a particular patch.

Missing Missing The police arrived here soon after, to check my CCTV. Rizkallah had not visited our part of Armitage Court. They did not call at other houses.
That evening I spoke to volunteers from Berkshire Lowland Rescue (BLLR), gathered in our village - presumably waiting for search instructions.
I'll spare you the details (in other emails), but in brief, they have been "booted out" of the bunker below Easthampstead Park Bracknell,
and there is a LOT of doubt in my mind on how well equipped, particularly regarding procedures and training, TVP are to lead such a search.

I've spoken to a lot of key people in the area, the most important of whom was the son, to whom I gave a 1:25k OS map.
Others include volunteers and locals - including those with an Army background - not necessarily only British Army.

Nick Knowles Police Utube video It's probably a coincidence, but, after a visit to Easthampstead Park, then Forestcare Bracknell, then taking a mobile 'phone call from BLLR,
I walked into Ascot Police Station to find out who and where searches are coordinated. I eventually spoke to a policewoman,
who said it was at Maidenhead TVP HQ, but had a much more informative two-way discussion with a local lady volunteer.

That's enough typing for now.
Hope to see you tomorrow.
Robin 1120 Monday 19 March 2018 <- use a big screen in landscape - see two bold paraphraphs - take care not to get lost ! - linked from above under"EASAMS" - look for British Army guys. - "AsOnTV" page. e.g. Nick being arrested by Police in Sunninghill :-)
Relevant public links provided in response to emails. e.g. use of GPSS by police related to "The Troubles" and overseas military.

reply to an Armitage Court neighbour yesterday, Sunday 18/3/18 with news:
Missing Search and rescue teams made the discovery of a body in the undergrowth of Armitage Court at around 5.30pm on March 17.

I've just got in after visiting places like
a) John & Vivian Williams who witnessed the police forensic search yesterday,
b) both that patch and our Amenity Area - left completely insecure (e.g. no tape) should the autopsy require further search.
c) places like BEN, CostCutter, Hamzas, Raj Vooj, Comrades Club - where Lowland Rescue volunteers eventually told sad news.
Next time, perhaps we can all do more to help organise (extra) search, rather than leave it to inexperienced and over-stretched TVP.
That's as much as I'll say in an email.



Colin Hudson Email from Robin to Jeff Pick, in response to news that day of new head of Thames Valley Police Colin Hudson on BBC News >>>>>>>>>>>>>
Goodness me Jeff. I just returned home after visiting my Uncle & Aunt at Sandhurst, to read your post which included the words below about new Area Commander, Superintendent Colin Hudson. If and when Colin gets the time to visit that "EASAMS" page ( ) it will certainly ring many bells with him. Not just the "Dr Strangelove" RAF/USAF stuff, but nuclear subs. Sadly, last week, I attended the funeral of John York, to be seen on that page, the only guy to have a submarine on his (new) family crest. An army Major I recruited said what a shame the Police did not have an "Officer Class" rather than all coppers being "NCO"s. But you'd know better than me ;-) Good if we can chew the fat, face to face sometime.
Many Thanks
1810z 19/3/18
p.s. BT Labs at Martlesham Heath were our first GPSS contract ~1992(?) Displayed OS 50k map and spoke in courtesy bus and customer centre linked by Cellnet. 5k for a weekend's work, getting the wife to record sounds needed. More if anyone is interested, which I very much doubt :-)

Superintendent Colin Hudson >>>>>>>>> .... My mother was a nurse and my father was in the air force and I was raised largely in Lincolnshire, where there are several RAF bases. After graduation, I began my career as a research scientist, working on underwater acoustics. I then moved into the telecommunications industry, as an engineer, working on 2G,3G and 4G mobile phone technology research and development. I was lucky enough to progress well and ran large teams and departments, delivering software and systems solutions, to worldwide customers in the telecoms market. <<<<<<<<<

white strip

Footnote on Thursday 22nd March 2018 ...

I only saw this today: the Facebook Page set up by Lisa Goodall-Clark, the day after he went missing.

I hope it is not removed or serious deletions made. e.g. it seems there may have been those crucial search maps.

Facebook seems MUCH faster and more efficient than relying on the Police 101 system, that I had reason to use yesterday. However, it is understandable that the police might be frightened of the community taking more control of things, for many reasons - both good and bad.

1520 22/3/2018 update: Luckily Cheryl & [REDACTED]* are not ex-directory, so I was able to 'phone then deliver a package including the link to this "Missing" page ( also to the lad next door who confirmed it was the correct house ), and a printed copy of our 2017 Newsletter.

Sometimes paper maps, notes, and photos, can't be beaten by computers*. Well Done in taking the initiative on printing those leaflets pushed through doors. Who else would have done it ? The Police ? The Council ? * The Military and good hospitals certainly don't rely on computers.

* 1520 update: At 1450 Cheryl phoned me asking what this page was all about, but that she'd not yet looked at it on her laptop. We spoke for a few minutes on the subject and mutual friends. She then 'phoned again at 1455, demanding that her name be removed and she would be complaining to the police. I said I would be happy to do so, but could she please send me an email to that effect. I had no problem with her calling the police, despite that not being required. I have redacted their names from this page, even though it remains public on Facebook and the BT Phone Book. I repeat my congratulations on the good work done by her friends.

Conclusions ... in due course.

Robin Lovelock OS 1:25k map Much of the above Footnote will obviously be removed, after a few important people have the chance to see it. It did show me the power of Social Media to "spread the word", including important advice to residents - like check their back gardens and sheds. Also, important initiatives such as printing and distributing leaflets: not everyone uses a computer, or even answers their doorbell !

I am familiar more than most with how technology like Pensioner GPS trackers can help. But remember: someone who is frightened of being found would probably remove his tracker !

My main interest, and that of some of my friends, including both inside and outside police forces and the military, are the details of how the search was organised, and how that compares with how it was done in earlier years, before Bekshire Lowland Search and Rescue were "booted out" of Easthamstead Park in Bracknell.

e.g. those "search maps", presumably based on Ordnance Survey 1:25k paper maps, with notes on what areas are searched, when, and by whom. Three people may be needed, rather than one, if searching for someone who may be trying to hide.

In recent years technology, previously only available to the military, can help. It was not that long ago, that radio amateurs helped, rather than simply using mobele 'phones.

I repeat my words from above: Sometimes paper maps, notes, and photos, can't be beaten by computers. Well Done in taking the initiative on printing those leaflets pushed through doors. Who else would have done it ? The Police ? The Council ?

The Military and good hospitals certainly don't rely only on computers !

Here are some useful tips, from the other side of the World: e.g. Ground Search Tips .

Following above words "...GPSS "Troubles" police contracts for UKAEA, Met, West Midlands, Ulster, Guarda, TVP, etc. ", the 20th Anniversary of The Good Friday Agreement on 10th April 1998. This should not be confused with The Sunningdale Agreement signed in 1973, a few minutes walk away. That agreement collapsed in 1974.

It seems improvements may be appearing in the 901 service, and less need to follow links in Jeff Pick's, Neighbourhood Watch emails :-)

However, the main issues to be resolved are 1) Location for Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue, and 2) How ground searches are managed in future.

BLSAR now have a location, for at least two years, at what was Arborfield Army Camp. How appropriate ! Here is Robin there, off Buttenshaw Avenue, RG2 9LY. He looks forward to the opportunity of comparing the facilities inside with those at Easthamstead Park.

BLSAR HQ in Arbourfield

More here in due course.

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