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Robin's NEWCAR page: GPS and AI in electric cars ( Under Construction )

Updated 1535 BST ( 1635 GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Wednesday 10th June 2020 UK time

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Robin Lovelock from Sunninghill Flavio in Italy John's Tesla This "NEW CAR" page was thrown together quickly, on 9th June 2020, to support a Topic of discussion on the "ROBINLOVELOCKSFRIENDS" Google Group, described and accessed via the bottom of the Covid19 page.

I started with material from the AsOnTV page, which is very appropriate.

It shows my close involvement with advanced technology for cars, from doing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project, in 1968, at City University and at Ferranti DSD, through NATO , my Business years, until retirement, and talking with my wise friends, here and overseas.

Electric cars, and applying Drone Technology, such as cameras and AI, is a favourite topic of conversation for our Last Of The Summer Wine Team below.

In most things, it's not what you know, but who you know. There are a lot of other friends, or friends of friends, out there ;-) white strip

See Covid19 page for One-Liner" " Flavio in Reggio Emilia, Italy: " ... ... RAI TV ... CF3000 Automotive Electronics ... ". Pioneer; used GPSS ; see Flavio in 1999 Holiday :-) "

Flavio Corradini

Our Ascot and Sunninghill "Last Of The Summer Wine" Team in 2019: Stuart, John, Richard, and Robin. That's Dick from Reading with John and Snoopy :-)

white strip Last of the Summer Wine Team: Stuart and John Last of the Summer Wine Team: Richard and Robin Snoopy's Trio white strip

Covid19 page: John in Ascot,UK: "... B.Sc Biochemistry, School Teacher, Driving Instructor + Robot Wars , Team-Joker , LINK ... " - L-Driver , Snoopy + Lateral Thinker :-) white strip

I have a sneaking suspicion that this guy will be interested ....

Deepak in Delhi, India: "... Indian channel that I watch most is NDTV Most information through ... Youtube and the BBC ...". See Linkedin . GPSS in 1999 :-)

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Robin Lovelock From Robin: It's very convenient for me, that there are so few visitors to this page: just those given the link. See map and words near end of my Home page ;-)

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