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Cartoons and Quotes

Updated 10:55 BST UK Time (0955z GMT/UT/GPS Time) Sunday 31st March 2024 - New cartoon at bottom.
Also ready for Monday 1st April in New Zealand :-)

The piece below was first on the GPSS homepage during 1st April '98. It has had minor updates over the years :

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Monday 1st April 2024 and our Spaghetti Tree is in flower again ...

spaghetti tree June, Robin, and Spaghetti Tree Robin and June pose proudly beside the Spaghetti Tree in their back garden which continues to flower every year. The tree is now over 48 years old, having been raised from a small seed collected by June and Robin during a holiday in northern Italy in 1976. The trip was funded by NATO, we hired a Fiat 500, and Samantha, just two years old, kept shouting "Spaghetti!". We stayed in Abbano Terme near the military base inside Monte Venda - no longer secret - Google it ;-)

These Spaghetti trees, very rare outside Italy, cannot be grown from cuttings or the fruit - many have tried planting spaghetti, but with disappointing results. We've also tried tagliatelle, but that also did not grow. This particular variety is "Spaghetti Monstera Grande" - known to some seasoned gardeners as "Big Whopper". Tap or Click on us to enlarge the photos.

You can see the original BBC TV broadcast about the 1957 bumper italian spaghetti harvest if you click here or the first youtube video below.

After that are videos of Robin's early robot boats, built for Snoopy to cross the Atlantic, from UK to USA. Yes, that was Robin who saved that antelope :-) white strip spaghetti tree Man Rescues Antelope Snoopy's Cat Snoopy's Windmill Boat white strip

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Here are a few of my favourite quotes and cartoons.

PC in Car

"If you hate back seat drivers, you'll really hate this..." - Alistair Stewart, Carlton
(introduction to one of three Television broadcasts in London Motor Show week)

Happy Xmas !

"I'd rather know where the next eating place is .."

DF Hunter

- from an original design concept of Robin's friend Ted :-)


Any ideas for this one ?

I have a brain !

"It's like having a little friend in the car with you" - Steve, a friend of the family.

Not Safe !

".. The system should be designed so that it does not unduly distract the driver, nor give rise to potentially dangerous driving behaviour by the driver or other road users.."
- extract from "Code of Practise" for In-Vehicle Information Systems.






extract from Memories of SHAPE Technical Centre and John Maniello...

Footnote added on 22 July 2022 - Robin's attempt to recreate that cartoon ...

Robin Lovelock Aldo Moro found Here below is my attempt to recreate something similar to that cartoon I gave to John Maniello is what must be about May 1978.

As explained earlier, John had asked me to illustrate his idea of putting 360 degree coverage cameras on the roof of every police car in Italy. This was probably after the kidnapping of Aldo Moro, but before the sad conclusion of Aldo's body being found.

Maybe a copy of my original cartoon is in Italian and/or USA Government archives somewhere ?

Robin Lovelock cartoon given to John Maniello