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GPSS and "The Tank Factory"

Tank Factory In June 1998, the Defence Evaluation & Research Agency at Chertsey, will be host to "Battlefield Systems International '98". DERA is a short distance from Sunninghill, and is known to locals simply as, "The Tank Factory". The establishment has a long and distinguished history in the field of fighting vehicles - heard of "Chobham Armour" ? The land surrounding DERA is called Chobham Common.
Target Bridge

The BSI exhibition is held every 2 years, and in 1996, GPSS appeared on the stands of four companies at BSI'96, one of which was IBM. This year, businesses wishing to exploit GPSS will find additional local mapping already available here on Robin Lovelock of Sunninghill Systems may also provide additional data available for demonstration at BSI'98, at no cost.

This Bartholomew Copyright mapping, for GPSS use, is already on the UK download page DERA Map This is a small fragment of the sample mapping which extends over an area of 5km x 5km. Other data, not on the web site, includes the results of DGPS survey and aerial photographs such as those above, and plan views more suitable as GPSS maps.
DF Animation GPSS has spread into 75 countries and undergone many upgrades - including being able to handle UTM and Military Grid, and mapping from a host of sources. Facilities include both those for in-vehicle - such as single man Direction Finding illustrated on the right - and remote multiple vehicle tracking over bearers which include radio and satellite communications. Much is on this web site.

Defence Contractors may find the information on this page of interest, and wish to consider taking stand space at BSI'98, advertising in "Battlespace", or wish to discuss use of GPSS in more detail. If so, here are a few places to obtain more information :

  • "Battlefield Systems International 98", Exhibition & Confrence, 9-11 June '98.
    at Chertsey, Surrey, UK. Organised by Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd, Ocean House, 50 Kingston Rd, New Malsen, Surrey KT3 3LZ, UK.
    Tel +44 (0)181 949 9222. Fax +44(0)181 949 8215/8186.
    E-mail Web Site
  • "Battlespace" - the New International C4I Newsletter
    Julian Nettlefold, Editor. tel/fax +44(0)1620 850660.
    Advertisement Enquiries Tel +44(0)1485 528020 Fax 528022
  • Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill Systems. Tel/Fax 44(0)1344 620775
    E-Mail Primary GPSS Web Site

2 men The GPSS web site provides more information, and enables you to download the software itself. Mapping is already available on the site for 75 countries, and Sunninghill Systems upload more data in response to requests. For the USA this extends down to Street Plan detail. Work in progress, and also available on the site, is the data to support GPSS speaking in languages other than English and Japanese. Pages of particular military relevance are:

  • barossa.htm - Early Prototype demonstrated within a British Army context.
  • history.htm - Military Origins of GPSS & Sunninghill Business Strategy.

If you wish to exploit GPSS at BSI'98, please contact Robin Lovelock.