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Remote Multiple Vehicle Tracking

Last Updated 0900 UK Friday 12th September 1997

Typical System

GPSS, or 'Global Positioning System Software', has been developed to provide navigation facilities within cars, but it can also be used to track a number of remote vehicles whose positions are reported over a communications system. GPSS is then run on a PC connected to a modem instead of a GPS receiver.

Many of the facilities are common to all GPSS applications. e.g. map display and verbal description of where a vehicle is: "25 miles west of London and 2.5 miles south of Ascot".

Alternative communications bearers include Inmarsat-C - the satellite communications network that covers the whole world, radio, cellular telephone, and Securicor Datatrack - which locates position without using GPS.

In addition to vehicle position, GPSS is able to receive coded messages from the vehicles which are decoded automatically into text and sounds. e.g. "We have stopped for our lunch break"; "We have had an accident"; "We are delayed by traffic".

Messages can also be sent back to the vehicles. e.g. "Come home now"; "Initiate Plan B immediately"; "Go to location X next".

For technical information, prior to downloading the files to demonstrate and use this GPSS capability, please click here

For more information about GPSS, and the many ways in which it can be used, contact Robin or June Lovelock of Sunninghill Systems on phone/fax 01344 20775.

Remote Multiple Vehicle Tracking

Typical GPSS screen for Multiple Vehicle Tracking