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Las Vegas Maps, CES, and GPS Software

Updated 1800 Sunday 31st December 2000

Robin Saphire Hi Folks ! Here are a few new maps of Las Vegas that can be downloaded from the USA Download Page and added to GPSS, the GPS Software, that can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD Page . I've updated the old Las Vegas mapping, uploaded in 1997, by this new, improved mapping, to support demonstrations of GPSS at the CES in Las Vegas, starting 6th January 2001. Royaltek will be demonstrating GPSS, both on their stand - booth 19249 at the Riviera Hotel, and "on the road", with the "Saphire" GPS (right). For more on this, visit
The Strip

The Las Vegas street map above is based upon those expected to become available, for the whole of the USA, early in 2001. Watch for news, when this GPSS-compatible mapping is released, for free use with GPSS. The 3.8 Gigabytes of USA Street Level mapping has been processed down to a few hundred megabytes - suitable for upload to this web site and the "free" GPSS CDROMs The map below is a calibrated USGS aerial photograph, downloaded from the Microsoft TerraServer on Thanks to Kevin Palivec - a new "GPS Enthusiast" in Texas, for finding this image for me.

Hotel Photo

The map below is based on LANDSAT low resolution (80m) image + street mapping.


The picture below shows GPSS used with an ARED-generated map from Microsoft Streets 2000, using the software on my AutoRoute Page . I believe many people will still choose to use GPSS in conjuction with mapping from other CDROMs - particularly when the CDROMs include their own excellent route planning software.
Las Vegas Streets
Mapping such as this, from Microsoft CDROMs, will NOT be made publicly available - for the obvious copyright reasons. This is discussed in some detail on the AutoRoute page - but in summary, it will require you to have purchased a Microsoft "Streets" CDROM for any PC which will use this mapping.