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Klaus's Gadgets Page

Updated 1300 Wednesday 3rd February 1999


Klaus Hirschelmann visited Robin in UK one weekend just before Christmas '97, to chat about GPSS and some of the gadgets he has been working on. Robin has created this page because he thinks some people may want to seek Klaus's advice on designing gadgets to solve problems in passing GPS data over radio or mobile 'phone links. Klaus and Robin had exchanged many e-mail messages before the visit, and Robin considers Klaus to be a bit of an 'electronics wizard' - although Klaus would be too modest to admit that - or even that his English is good - which it is.

Klaus works full time in TV broadcasting, so his interest in GPSS, GPS and radio communications is purely a hobby. However, Robin suggests that his design skills could be very useful to others exploiting GPSS - and should not go unrewarded if he is able to help.

Klaus has designed and built a number of small, matchbox sized gadgets, which have been programmed to do a number of simple, but important functions - mostly related to the handling of NMEA GPS data streams :

So far, these gadgets have been used for a few experimental applications, such as tracking high altitude weather balloons across Germany. But these types of solution are highly relevant to the low cost introduction of remote GPS tracking to police, emergency services and business applications.

This is a first draft of the Gadgets Page, which we hope to expand later. If anyone wishes to contact Klaus, Robin requests that you respect the fact that this is not a business for Klaus, and that his first language is not English. i.e. please keep messages simple and clear.

e-mail to Klaus Hirschelmann 500000N0081200E (approx) Mainz in Germany.

And here are links to Klaus's Web sites: