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Updated 0900 Wednesday 30th April 2008

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium,
Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Corfu, Crete, Croatia, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroes, Finland, France, Georgia,
Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,
Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (FYROM), Malta,
Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

Do NOT run these downloaded EXE from your Internet browser. Put them in the GPSS folder then run from file Explorer to add the files.

Desktop Demos in .NME files

Some of the mapping downloads below include a .NME demonstation file.
Start GPSS then hit Control-A to access the playback and analysis facilities. Double click on the .NME file then hit the REPLAY button. Hit * key to start.

Another, perhaps simpler way to run a demonstration is to give the NME file name as a parameter to GPSS. e.g. START RUN c:\gpss\gpss gpss.nme - or whatever the nme file name is. You can also set up demonstrations on your desktop, each under a different GPSS icon.

The mapping will also work "for real" with GPS, of course.

More detailed mapping from CDROM

Start by testing GPSS with the mapping below, which does not only include displayed maps: it includes WAW and WAV files, used for description of position relative to towns and landmarks. Then checkout GPSS and ARED with the Microsoft CDROMs

Albania and Macedonia (FYROM)

8 maps and 15 sounds covering Albania and Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), bordering into Kosovo. Take care now.

DOWNLOAD ALBANIA.EXE (224,550 bytes)


5 maps and 3 sounds covering Armenia.

DOWNLOAD ARMENIA.EXE (147,006 bytes)


These 10 maps and 9 sounds covering Austria are for Hans Comper and anyone running GPSS. Take care Hans.

DOWNLOAD AUSTRIA.EXE (252,879 bytes)


This map and sounds is for use by Brian Keep, Peter Smith, and anyone else running GPSS in Andorra - the little country on the French-Spanish border. Take Care.

DOWNLOAD ANDORRA.EXE (208,527 bytes)


10 maps and 25 sounds for Dean, his friends and others using GPSS.



Yes, I know the Baltic is not a country, but we thought this the best place to put these maps for use in the Gothenborg to Gdynia yacht race. 3 maps (only 2 calibrated) and 14 sounds for Mikolaj Frisch and his sailing friends. A demo is in BALTIC.NME. Please take care both 'on the road' and 'on the water' Mikolaj !

DOWNLOAD BALTIC1.EXE (408,709 bytes)


26 maps and 61 sounds covering all Belarus for Chris, friends, and all those with GPS.
Please take care.

DOWNLOAD BELARUS.EXE (889,681 bytes)


11 maps and 18 sounds covering Belgium for all with a GPS here.
Please take care "on the road".

DOWNLOAD BELGIUM.EXE (1,117,268 bytes) - updated 3 Feb 2000

2 maps and 13 sounds of the Antwerp-Gent-Breda area, for Luc Henderickx and his friends. A demonstration is in ANTWERP.NME. Take care Luc !

DOWNLOAD ANTWERP.EXE (241,015 bytes)

4 maps and 6 sounds covering Brussels, for Eric Pieters and Paul Reisch who was kind enough to provide TRK files for calibration. We hope to make the data more accurate, if we get NME files. A demonstration is in BRUSSELS.NME Please take care on the road.


Bulgaria - updated 6th March 2007

13 maps and 7 sounds covering all Bulgaria. More detail was included for Sophia and Plovdiv in March 2007.
Please take care.

DOWNLOAD BULGARIA.EXE (1,426,427 bytes)

Bosnia Herzegovina

6 maps and 11 sounds covering Bosnia Herzegovina. Take care now.

DOWNLOAD BOSNIA.EXE (162,838 bytes)


15 maps and 17 sounds covering the Croatia and surrounding region, compressed into the self-extracting file CROATIA.EXE. The other file, CROATIAT.EXE expands into a file called CROATIA.GTX which contains over 11,300 Croatian towns and villages. This should be copied to GPSS.GTX and $LPOP.GTX. You can then search for a place by name. You could try zooming the map to all Croatia with Z, then hitting P to plot all the Population centres. This data is for Neven Colic, his friends, and others with GPS in this country. Take care with GPSS Neven - get someone else to drive if you play with the PC :-)
DOWNLOAD CROATIA.EXE (369,799 bytes)


3 maps and 9 sounds covering all Cyprus for Gary Weston and his mates.

DOWNLOAD CYPRUS.EXE (94,733 bytes)

These 3 maps, down to street level, and 31 sounds, are for Nicos Nicolaou, his friends, and others using GPSS in and around Larnaka. Robin thanks Nicos for sending the paper maps, and recording GPS data for calibration. You will find Nicos on the PARTNERS Page. A demonstration is in LARNAKA.NME
Please take care on the road Nicos.

DOWNLOAD LARNAKA.EXE (913,460 bytes)
Please take care on the road Nicos.

These 4 maps and 15 sounds are for the Nicosia area. A demonstration is in NICOSIA.NME

DOWNLOAD NICOSIA.EXE (1,151,918 bytes)

Czech Republic

9 maps and sounds covering all of the Czech Republic for use by Joseph Pibil, Chuck, Pete, and anyone else travelling through or living in this country. JIHLAVA.EXE provides another map and 17 sounds for Joseph. Please drive with care !

DOWNLOAD JIHLAVA.EXE (113,907 bytes)


For Miguel Alcaraz and those in Denmark. The maps and sounds cover all of Denmark.

DOWNLOAD DENMARK.EXE (263,751 bytes)


For Argo Kirikal and anyone in, or travelling through, Estonia. Please take care Argo.

DOWNLOAD ESTONIA.EXE (231,016 bytes)


For Arthur and anyone else using GPSS here.

DOWNLOAD FAROES.EXE (25,271 bytes)


For Jukka Salo, and Jose Ramos on his visits to Finland. FINLAND.EXE self-extracts into 16 maps covering all Finland and Saint Petersburg, and 8 sounds around the Helsinki and Nokia areas. You may want to add more town names on some of the bigger area maps, or fill in those many lakes I may have missed ! Windows Paintbrush will do it. You may also want to add your own sounds into FINLAND.WAW. If you don't want to hear where you are relative to St Petersburg - the biggest town - delete it from FINLAND.WAW and download a later copy of GPSS.EXE. Please drive with care and mind the reindeer !
DOWNLOAD FINLAND.EXE (368,748 bytes)

7 maps and 13 sounds between Peak 8 Haltatunturi to Haparanda on Baltic coast for the Highest Challenge Team.

DOWNLOAD FINL47P1.EXE (204,243 bytes)

5 maps of Helsinki down to a street level sample, with a demonstration in HELSINKI.NME for Kaj Lindstrom and friends. Take Care Kaj !

DOWNLOAD HELSINKI.EXE (1,044,251 bytes)

France - Major Update - 21 March 2000 !

Sorry it took so long to replace that terrible old data, uploaded nearly 3 years ago, with only 15 maps. Now FRANCE.EXE holds 53 maps and 57 sounds covering all France. It is for Robin's friends in France and anyone else using GPSS here. A demonstration is in FRANCE.NME. Please take care on the road.

DOWNLOAD FRANCE.EXE (1,253,410 bytes)

More detail for those of you in or near Paris: 3 maps and 13 sounds with landmarks like the Eifel Tower. JEAN1.TRK was kindly supplied by Jean-Francois Chouraqui for testing the street-level maps. If any of you can send Robin TRK or NME files, Robin will add more maps covering Paris. A demonstration is in PARIS.NME - please take care on the road.

DOWNLOAD PARIS.EXE (627,858 bytes)


9 maps and 2 sounds covering Georgia for Chris, the Team, and Irakli Sikmashvili. More detail will be uploaded when needed.

DOWNLOAD GEORGIA.EXE (201,446 bytes)

Germany - updated May 2000 - and July 2007

38 Maps and 32 sounds covering all Germany in GERMANY.EXE with a demonstration in GERMANY.NME. Sorry it took so long to upgrade this very old EXE file.
DOWNLOAD GERMANY.EXE (930,042 bytes)

More detail around Bielefeld:


Some more detail in the Dortmund area for Dirk Salva and his friends. 2 maps and 14 sounds from Duisburg, through Essen to Dortmund.

DOWNLOAD ESSEN.EXE (362,841 bytes)

- and some detail around Berlin for Klaus Peter Meyer and friends :

DOWNLOAD BERLIN.EXE (191,518 bytes) updated 16th July 2007 for Pocket PC.

Some more detail for Franz Peyr and his friends west of Munchen: 1 map of the Munchen and Augsburg area, 9 sounds, a file of 9985 small towns in MUNCHEN.GTX which may be copied to GPSS.GTX and/or $LPOP.GTX, and a demonstration in MUNCHEN.NME to be played back with Control-A, dbl click MUNCHEN.NME, REPLAY.
Please take care testing 'on the road' Franz !

DOWNLOAD MUNCHEN.EXE (273,796 bytes)

These 2 maps and 28 sounds are for Uwe Tews and friends in Hamburg. A demonstration is in HAMBURG.NME. Please take care 'on the road'.

DOWNLOAD HAMBURG.EXE (409,743 bytes)updated for Pocket PC on 8th February 2008


Just one detailed map and 29 sounds including those for landmarks such as The Rock and places like the Governor's Residence and Great Europa Point. A demonstration is in GIBRALTE.NME. This uploaded for William, his friends, and anyone else using GPSS here.


Greece, Crete and the Aegean Sea
- Athens added 17 May 1999

GREEK.EXE was added on 2 July 1998 and includes 30 maps and 20 sounds covering all of Greece. This is for Stelios Koroneos, Dimitris Arenikis, Misail Papadakis, Nick Zerroudakis, Steve Karavos, Demos Panagopoulos and any other lucky people sunning themselves in the Greek islands.

DOWNLOAD GREECE.EXE (501,324 bytes)

Keep smashing the plates Nick and Steve ! Crete below is for demos by Demos.
DOWNLOAD CRETBITS.EXE (27,933 bytes) - Alternative Site

These 2 more detailed maps for Athens were calibrated with the help of Dimitris and his GPS. A demonstration is in ATHENS.NME and the file of real GPS data in DIMIT001.NME - both can be plotted with Control-A. The detailed 'Ancient Athens' map needs better calibration. e.g. accurate WGS lat/lon for south-east corners of the Pnyx and Metropolis. We can then use it to make more detailed speech data.
Please take care 'on the road', Dimitris.

DOWNLOAD ATHENS.EXE (501,015 bytes)

One map, 13 sounds, and a demonstration in CORFU.NME for Alex and anyone on Corfu.

DOWNLOAD CORFU.EXE (115,509 bytes)

Holland - see Netherlands below


For Gerber Tibor in Budapest, and anyone else in Hungary. The maps and sounds cover all Hungary, but with more detail around Budapest and Vienna in Austria. Please take care on the road !

DOWNLOAD HUNGARY.EXE (233,366 bytes)


These 11 maps and 2 sounds provide maps over all Iceland. They are for Bjarni Birgisson and his friends. Take care Bjarni !

DOWNLOAD ICELAND.EXE (223,891 bytes)


For Peter, Gordon and anyone north or south of the border. This includes maps and sounds over the whole of Ireland, intended for use in testing Version 4.4d and later versions of GPSS.EXE which now implements Irish National Grid.

DOWNLOAD IRELAND.EXE (442,416 bytes)

Here is some data for Ireland similar to that for the UK mainland. The following data, in open ASCII GPSS GTX format - that you can easily edit - has kindly been provided by Steve Litchfield who does some nice Psion software - see the link on our Links page. The data is only for use with GPSS or Steve's software. It includes a number of towns, interesting places, camp sites, cathedrals, airfields, museums, and tourist information centres. Most of the data is not GPS-accurate, but should get you within a kilometre of the position.
DOWNLOAD IRISHGTX.EXE (21,201 bytes) -

Here is a bit more detail around Limerick and the River Shannon for Hans. Just one map and 13 sounds. Don't rely on GPS at sea Hans, and careful on those small roads.
DOWNLOAD RSHANNON.EXE (231,573 bytes) -


ITALY.EXE self extracts into 30 maps and 29 sounds covering all Italy, with more detail in the centre of Roma, around Milano, and Catania in Sicilia. A desktop demo of a drive through Roma is under Control-A ROMA.NME REPLAY. The data is for Robins friends under Italy on the Links page, and anyone else with GPS. Robin is grateful to David Gibby and Italian friends for their help, including ability of GPSS to speak Italian.

DOWNLOAD ITALY.EXE (1,018,254 bytes) - created 21 April '98

You may download the Italian speech from this page

This is he original, smaller download, with similar detail around Milano.

DOWNLOAD ITALBITS.EXE (472,439 bytes) - old data, less data.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is part of Italy, but we have treated it as another country, with it's own SARDINIA.WAW and SARDINIA.NME demonstration file. You do not need to add the other Italy mapping above. This was uploaded for Francesca, her friends, and for Robin and Junes holiday in Sardinia in 2006. There are 4 maps and 17 sounds covering the island.


Sicily, Italy

Sicily is also part of Italy, but we have treated it as another country, with it's own SICILIA.WAW. You do not need to add the other Italy mapping above. This was uploaded for Robin and Junes holiday in Sardinia in January 2007. There is one big map and 13 sounds covering the island. It worked fine on Robin's Pocket PC.

DOWNLOAD SICILIA.EXE (564,561 bytes)


These 8 maps and 36 sounds covering Latvia are for Imantis Tukleris, his friends, and anyone else in Latvia with a GPS. A demonstation is under Control-A LATVIA.NME REPLAY. Please take care using GPSS on the road.

DOWNLOAD LATVIA.EXE (386,610 bytes) -

Here are some excellent quality detailed maps of Latvia from Riga to the Peak supplied by Imants and Janis for use by The Highest Challenge Team. 6 maps and LATVIA.WAW just incase you forget to download LATVIA.EXE.

DOWNLOAD LATVIA1.EXE (1,098,280 bytes)


These maps and sounds are for Vidmantas Tomkus in Vilnius, and any others. Vincent Dovydaitus my old friend, are you still there ?

DOWNLOAD LITHUANI.EXE (162,184 bytes) -


These 3 maps and 21 sounds covering the state of Luxembourg are for Francois Krumlovsky, his friends, and anyone else with a GPS there. A desktop demo is under Control-A in LUXEMBOU.NME. the locations of 818 towns are in LUXEMBOU.GTX which may be copied to GPSS.GTX and $LPOP.GTX.
Please take care 'on the road' Francois.

DOWNLOAD LUXEMBOU.EXE (400,794 bytes) -

Malta and Gozo

2 maps and 22 sounds covering Malta and Gozo. for Paul Camilleri, his friends, and others with GPS here. MALTA.GTX holds locations of 427 villages, and may be copied to $LPOP.GTX. A demonstration is in MALTA.NME. Please Take Care.

DOWNLOAD MALTA.EXE (429,995 bytes)

Moldova - upgraded in June 2003

This new MOLDOVA.EXE replaces the small one uploaded in May 1998 for The Highest Challenge team. It holds 7 maps and 32 sounds, plus a demonstration in MOLDOVA.NME. It was uploaded for Serghei Dumih, the first to register GPSS from within Moldovia - and anyone else using GPSS with a GPS here.

DOWNLOAD MOLDOVA.EXE (355,747 bytes)


1 map and 7 sounds to get Fady started with his GPS around Monaco. Control-A then MONACO.NME then click on Cuneo for demo. Take care Fady !

DOWNLOAD MONACO.EXE (57,171 bytes) -

Netherlands (Holland)

This old data covers western strip from Amsterdam to Calais, with sounds over all Benelux. For Peter Lundahl, Steve Burden, Herman Bos and Friends in Holland. Mind the canals ! updated in September 2007 to cover all Benelux: 6 maps and 35 sounds.

DOWNLOAD BENEBITS.EXE (357,127 bytes) updated in 2007

More detail between Den Haag and Amsterdam for everyone. 2 maps and 29 sounds. For a demo 'on the desk', try Control-A HOLLAND.NME REPLAY.

DOWNLOAD HOLLAND.EXE (405,787 bytes) updated in 2007

A little more detail in the east of Holland between Apeldoorn and Arnhem for Casper Hoefman and his friends. Just one map and 9 sounds.

DOWNLOAD ZUTPHEN.EXE (195,553 bytes)

Some more detail around Eindhoven for Erik de Werdt and his friends.


1 map and 11 sounds near Maastricht for Sandor Kruise. Take Care !


Norway - updated November 2000

Sorry it has taken such a long time to replace the old maps in NORWBITS.EXE and NORW47P1.EXE by these in NORWAY.EXE. These 44 maps and 39 sounds cover all Norway. A demonstration, for Control-A REPLAY is in NORWAY.NME. The approximate (1 mile) locations of 13402 villages are in NORWAY.GTX which may be copied to $LPOP.GTX to replace the UK towns searched with P (Population). These were used to make BIGGPSS.WAW which supports the Control-A Report generator. Please take care everyone.

DOWNLOAD NORWAY.EXE (1,282,633 bytes)

Poland data near Warsaw

The following maps and sounds are for Jan Gromadzki near Warsaw, and anyone else in the area. Drive carefully Jan !


20 broad-brush maps over most of Poland, based on old Country Disk.

DOWNLOAD POLAND.EXE (584,209 bytes)

1 good map of Wroclaw and 5 sounds for Krzysztof Marugi and his friends.
Please take care testing GPSS on the road.

DOWNLOAD WROCLAW.EXE (175,827 bytes)

2 maps and 15 sounds of Lodz centre and south of Lodz, for Leszek Szymankowski, his friends, and others with GPS in Lodz. A demonstration is in LODZ.NME.
Please take care 'on the road' Leszek.

DOWNLOAD LODZ.EXE (430,434 bytes)

Portugal - Updated 19 Oct 2000

For pictures of these maps, visit the ExposiÁ„o Inforpor 2000 Page.

This data is for Jose Ramos, Nuno Giao and anyone using GPSS in Portugal. It includes 15 maps covering whole of Portugal, with more detail in Lisboa, and 64 sounds. For a demonstration hit Control-A, PORTUGAL.NME, REPLAY then hit the * key. PORTUHLP.TXT is Jose's translation of GPSS.HLP.
Drive (and Sail) carefully everyone !

DOWNLOAD PORTUGAL.EXE (1,398,340 bytes)

Here is PORTUPOP.EXE which expands into PORTUPOP.GTX holding the positions of over 17,300 towns and villages. Copy to GPSS.GTX and $LPOP.GTX to find a place by name and be guided to within a mile of the place.


Here are another 3 maps and 1 sounds providing more sample street level mapping for Lisboa.

DOWNLOAD LISBOA.EXE (897,876 bytes)

IMPORTANT : for those who are upgrading from the original old versions of PORTUGAL.EXE and LISBOA.EXE, you should delete the old map in LISBON1.BMP and LISBON1.DES. You should also edit LISBON1 out of MAPS.DIR or delete MAPS.DIR so that GPSS will make a new copy.

Romania - updated 5th April 2000

25 maps and 20 sounds covering all Romania for Radu State, his friends, and anyone with a GPS in Romania. A demonstration is in Control-A ROMANIA.NME REPLAY.
Please take care with the testing Radu - get a friend to drive :-)

DOWNLOAD ROMANIA.EXE (827,822 bytes)

9 maps and 17 sounds covering Bucurest to 1:100,000 detail. Robin is grateful to Dan Secreteanu for sending the paper maps, and Dan Apostol for recording the NME files used to test them. The data is for use by all those running GPSS here.
A demonstration is in BUCUREST.NME.
Please take care on the road !

DOWNLOAD BUCUREST.EXE (1,450,036 bytes) 5th April 2000

Russia including Moscow and Tran-Siberian Railway - updated 21 Aug 06

This data is for use by Vladimir Kurshin, and anyone else within a few hundred miles of Moscow. The maps include one of 1:300,000 of Moscow, and sounds include major towns and landmarks such as Red Square. For best results with this software, run it on a Pentium carried by a Lada running on Vodka ! Drive with care Vladimir.
NOTE : better free mapping is provided to those who register GPSS.

DOWNLOAD RUSSBITS.EXE (429,698 bytes) (corrected on 21 Aug 06)

Another 12 maps and 7 sounds to get Vadim Saharov started with GPSS, around Ekaterinburg in the Urals. A demonstration is in SVERDLOV.NME.
Please take care 'on the road' Vadim.


6 maps and 44 sounds providing 1:100,000 detail maps for Moscow, and verbal landmarks such as the Kremlin and Bolshoi Theatre. A simple demonstration is in MOSCOW.NME.

This mapping was calibrated with the help of Andrey Bulitchov and his friends. Perhaps some others of you with a GPS in Moscow can help us test it, and help make it even more accurate ? Please take care 'on the road' Andrey.

DOWNLOAD MOSCOW.EXE (1,175,299 bytes)

52 maps and 30 sounds for Alexander Kashkin in Perm, near the Urals. A demonstration is in PERM.NME. Please take care.

DOWNLOAD PERM.EXE (1,053,309 bytes)

53 maps and 16 sounds covering the route of the railway from Helsinki, Finland to Beijing in China, including the Tran-Siberian railway. Uploaded for Matti Sortila and anyone who likes long train journeys :-) A demonstration is in HEL2BEIJ.NME for playback with GPSS Ctrl-A REPLAY.

DOWNLOAD HEL2BEIJ.EXE (1,429,570 bytes)

12 maps and 8 sounds for the Nojabrsk area in northern Siberia for Emikh, his friends and anyone else here. NOJABRSK.EXE is 255,428 bytes and self-extracts into the mapping files and there is a demonstration in nojabrsk.nme for replay with GPSS Ctrl-A PLAY.


14 maps and 23 sounds for the island of Sakhalin, north of Japan, for Lachlin, his friends and anyone else here. SAKHALIN.EXE is 298,398 bytes and self-extracts into the mapping files. There is a demonstration in SAKHALIN.NME for playback with GPSS Ctrl-A.


Serbia and Montenegro

20 maps and 22 sounds covering all Serbia and Montenegro. A demonstration is in SERBIA.NME.
DOWNLOAD SERBIA.EXE (471,091 bytes)

Montenegro (old data)

4 maps and 10 sounds covering Montenegro, for The Highest Challenge Team, and anyone else with GPS. This was uploaded after the CDROM was sent to Cyprus. Take care now.



SLOVAKIA.EXE self-extracts into 8 maps and 32 sounds covering the country. It is for use by Jaroslav Jusycyuk and anyone else in the country. Take care Jaroslav !



SLOVENIA.EXE self-extracts into 5 maps and 6 sounds covering the country. It is for use by Grega Kompan and anyone else in the country. Take care Grega !



SPAIN.EXE self-extracts into over 40 maps covering all Spain, and a more detailed map of the centre of Madrid. Have fun, but please drive carefully.

DOWNLOAD SPAIN.EXE (1,057,285 bytes)

Following 6 maps and 9 sounds are of Madrid, and were tested with the help of Pablo Casis, sending me TRK files to adjust the calibration. For a desktop demo hit Control-A double click on PABLO2.TRK and REPLAY. Some of the files are newer, more accurate versions than those in SPAIN.EXE.

DOWNLOAD MADRID.EXE (963,767 bytes)

Following 3 maps and 2 sounds cover Barcelona at 1:250,000 with more detail near the headquarters of ICC, the Institut Cartogrŗfic de Catalunya. Robin is grateful to Rafael Roset and his colleagues at ICC for their work on these lovely maps, and permission to put them here.


These 4 maps and 10 sounds cover the Gibraltar to Cadiz area, and are for experimental use by Enrique. Take Care !

DOWNLOAD CADIZ.EXE (773,255 bytes)


These 20 maps and 28 sounds cover all Sweden, and are for use by Anders Gylen, the Anderson Family, my friends at Silva in Sollentuna, Gunner Djerf, Johan Sandqvist, Jukka Salo - and anyone who was disappointed by the early SWEDBITS.EXE - sorry it had no SWEDEN.WAW in it. We suggest you also download NORWBITS.EXE for Norway. Take care Anders - don't bump into the trees !

DOWNLOAD SWEDEN.EXE (741,755 bytes)
13 maps and 9 sounds for the stretch up to Peak 7 in Sweden, Kebnekaise, for Highest Challenge Team.
DOWNLOAD SWED47P1.EXE (359,802 bytes)

Switzerland - Updated 20 April 2000

12 maps and 26 sounds covering Switzerland and borders, including more detail around Geneva, Lausanne, Luzern and Zurich. A demonstration is in SWITZERL.NME and SWITZERL.GTX holds names and approximate locations of 3596 villages - suitable for copying to $LPOP.GTX and access with "P" key. Thanks Jean-Paul for reminding me how poor the 2 maps in SWISBITS.EXE from 1997 were - it was about time we upgraded this mapping :-)


Turkey Maps and Sounds

For Tansel Ozyer in Ankara, and anyone else in Turkey. Dimir Aykor, my old friend, are you still there ? TURKEY.EXE self-extracts to some 15 maps covering the Ankera region, western Turkey and northern Cyprus. One map covers all Turkey. Sounds provide voice description of position relative to major cities. Take care Tansel !

DOWNLOAD TURKEY.EXE (287,996 bytes)

25 maps and 9 more sounds covering Turkey, east of Ankara, for Chris & Team :

DOWNLOAD ETURKEY.EXE (460,755 bytes)

These 5 maps and 14 sounds of Ankara were made with the help of Suha Aktar who sent Robin the paper maps and emailed TRK files for calibration. Many Thanks Suha - take care :-)

DOWNLOAD ANKARA.EXE (1,217,864 bytes)

These 3 roughly calibrated maps and 5 sounds are to get Gavin started. A demonstration is in ISTANBUL.NME for playback with Control-A.


Ukraine and Krasnodar area of Russian Federation

These 54 maps and 16 sounds cover all of the Ukraine, plus the area from Warsaw in Poland to the border, and from Rostov to Krasnodar in the Russian Federation. They are for Martin Ruston, his friends and relatives, and anyone else with a GPS in those parts. The second file, UKRAINEP.EXE expands into just one file, UKRAINEP.GTX which holds over 40,000 villages in Ukraine. This is experimental data processed using the TXT2GTX facility on the bottom of the first download page. Robin is grateful for Kevin Withnall's help in downloading this data. Please do not rely on GPS alone Martin !

DOWNLOAD UKRAINE.EXE (1,255,655 bytes)


These 5 maps and 13 sounds provide more detail in and around Odessa. Robin is grateful to Yuri Polunin of Bi-Tex for his help in providing and testing these maps. You can see Yuri on our NEWS Page . A demonstration is in ODESSA.NME
Please take care "on the road".

DOWNLOAD ODESSA.EXE (761,200 bytes)