2006 News from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill

Robin and June on a boat Robin and June at Buggerru Our holiday trips to Sardinia this summer, then to Spain in October, required less equipment than in earlier years. Our little Pocket PC guided us to interesting places like Buggerru in Sardinia, to hidden geocaches, or to meet Robin's GPS Software business "internet friends". GPS Software on Pocket PC It must be 15 years since Robin was so "excited by technology" - when the Lovelock family had to endure a Laptop PC talking at them on any weekend car journey. As Robin's old friend Steve once said, "it's like having a little friend in the car with you". Perhaps we should update this to "it's like having a little friend in your pocket" ? The Quartz Christmas party in December was June's opportunity to say goodbye to her old workmates at her "day job" this past 10 years. Quartz was formed by our old friends Pam and Alan, and last year they sold Quartz to the Canadian company Evertz. The past year soon convinced June that it was time for her to "move on", and in January she starts her new job with Dutch company Axon, in their new UK office near us. 4 of them Michelle continues as a landlady in Coventry, spending some of her time learning new skills like building, plumbing and decorating her property. Saskia became Mrs Burrows when she married Scott last year, and they are now living in Bracknell near Sunninghill. Samantha still works at Nielsen Media Research in Bracknell and is still doing her Japanese lessons - now for 15 years ! Jack Ponsford Samantha got a chance to try out her Japanese when we threw a little re-union party here in November for about thirty old-timers from EASAMS. Robin worked there for 13 years until 1994. Mrs Suzikoh Surtees said Samantha's Japanese was "very good" - but maybe could have been better after 15 years :-) In September our "fourth daughter" Kristina returned from her year with her parents in Australia to start the last year of her degree at Winchester. Here they are at last year's wedding. Some lovely pictures of June's dad, Jack Ponsford, and his old golfing friends, were published in the January 2006 issue of "Golf World". June Nagivates Robin :-) Jack, now 87, drives his little car round to us three evenings a week, for a chat and maybe thrash Robin at a game of snooker. That's Jack, second from the right, with his mates. Jack still plays the occasional few holes at Sunningdale on a Sunday or Wednesday, and rarely misses the 19th hole. Robin and June now go to Italian lessons two evenings per week - although you would not believe it when you hear Robin try to speak Italian to their friends at the local "Mezza Luna" restaurant. Jack Ponsford with golfing friends Robin still spends a few minutes each day supporting his NHSCare.info charity intended to make the NHS obey the law. BBC Panorama did two "National Homes Swindle" broadcasts, triggered by the web site, and a third is in preparation. We met the amazing Pam Coughlan for the first time this year, when we took a weekend autumn trip to the West Country. Robin drove and June nagi-vated :-)

All our love and good wishes from the Lovelock Family.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !