Italian Translation Project

Robin from Robin on 14th December 2007: the ITALTRAN.EXE download below is subject to change: testing with Pocket PC
ITALTRAN is being used to pioneer language switching in GPSSppc on the Pocket PC. This includes adding the many extra lines of text into TRANSLAT.TXT such as the online help which describes every button. There are also many new WAV files of sound. Sorry that at this time we only have my very poor translation - often aided by google translate - which is better than nothing but is known to be a little stupid. I have attempted to record the new WAV sounds, but they will also be uncomfortable listening :-) I look forward to a native speaker helping me with this work again, as these good people did many years ago.

Updated 1030 Sunday 5th August 2007 UK Time

(most below is from October 2002 or earlier)

If you are doing translation work - please check this page regularly.
We do not want you to waste effort doing what someone else is doing.

This page is for those helping Robin and each other, with translation into Italian.

Sending e-mail to others with an interest in Italian

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
Italy Gianfranco Parinetto 453484N0090960E Milano.
Italy Silvio Cerati 442400N0073300E Cuneo.
Italy Luigi Costa 440250N0081270E Albenga. Bit telecomm snc Web Site
Italy Luca Barbetti Gianfranco's friend.
Italy Francesco Marradi 424614N0110613E Grosseto. GPS12.

Work in Progress

Robin has set up this page to avoid duplication of work. Gianfranco did the original translation of this web site into Italian. David provided a computer translated TRANSLAT.TXT which Silvio and Luigi have modified. Luigi provided excellent quality sound samples - male and female. Luca is experimenting with an automatic batch process to generate WAV sounds from text. This will permit large number of placenames but with less effort - not just for Italian speech.
Silvio has provided the Computer Voice sounds (English is Robin's) - now in ITALTRAN.EXE


Silvio has provided 54 more Italian UK placename WAV sounds, to improve the demonstration - or for Italians travelling in UK. This is in ITALTRA1.EXE.

Robin has upissued GPSS.EXE to v4.8 on the oldnew page to support switching of instrument panel and help when the language switches. Robin has put more Italian maps on the European download page.

On 30th April Silvio added #*.WAV sounds for things like 22 Armitage Court. If you run the v4.7 GPSS.NME demo there are a few $*.WAV sounds missing like Chinese Takeaway - in GPSS.CAT. If we do them, they should be in Silvios voice.

We need the few v$*.WAV sounds, originally in Michelle's voice, but these should be in a womens voice, pretending to be the driver - to be different.

Now we must all test what we now have, looking for minor changes, before release of this software through channels like Italian PC Magazines.

Additions will be needed, in Italian, to GPSS.HLP, to acknowledge your help, and to provide contact details for yourselves - if you wish - and companies who are able to supply the Italian public with products such as GPS receivers.

Please check with Robin before starting, to save duplication of work.

How to test GPSS speaking Italian

ITALTRAN.EXE should be downloaded into c:\italian and run to extract files.
LANGUAGE.CFG should then be copied from c:\Italian to c:\gpss04.
LANGUAGE.CFG in c:\gpss04 will make GPSS.EXE in \gpss04 use c:\italian for WAV sounds, and other files like TRANSLAT.TXT, GPSS.HLP, CONTROLS.CFG.

If you use B and J to switch between Italian and other languages, you should see information like HELP text and Instrument panel change also.

Translation Downloads

Silvios WAV sounds and other files from Luigi, including GPSS.HLP, Instrument panel, TRANSLAT.TXT, etc.

DOWNLOAD ITALTRAN.EXE Italian Speech (2,582,970 bytes) - last changed by Robin on 14th December 2007

DOWNLOAD ITALTRA1.EXE more sounds for UK (139,178 bytes) - unchanged since 2002