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Spanish Translation Project

Updated 1500 Monday 17th August 1998 UK Time

If you are doing translation work - please check this page regularly.
We do not want you to waste effort doing what someone else is doing.

This page is for those helping Robin, and each other, with translation into Spanish.

Sending e-mail to others with an interest in Spanish

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
Colombia Jorge Luis Arango 045300N0740230W (approx.) Bogota.
Guatemala Max Holzheu 143663N0903160W (Work) Guatemala City.
Venezuela Gabriel Medinas 103092N0665405W Caracas. Radio Ham.
Ecuador Ivan Porras 020343S0795300W 16km north of Guayaguil
Spain Francisco Martinez 392937N0002222W Valencia. G38.
Canary Islands Honorio Martel Rodriguez 275269N0152548W Gran Canaria.

Work in Progress

Robin has set up this page to avoid duplication of work.
Max did the original translation of WELCOME.HTM into SPANISH.HTM.
Jorge and Gabriel have offered to help.
Gabriel has started experimental translation of WAV sounds which are in SPANTRAN.EXE
Robin made a computer translation of TRANSLAT.TXT which has been checked and modified by Ivan.
Ivan has been sent a cut down GPSS.HLP.
Honorio has done lots of good work and recorded over 150 WAV sounds, which are now in the new, much bigger SPANTRAN.EXE, SPANTRA2.EXE

Robin thinks that a Spanish speaker who cannot understand English - will understand this.

Translation Downloads

SPANTRAN.EXE and SPANTRA2.EXE should be downloaded into c:\spanish. When run they expand into Ivan's modified TRANSLAT.TXT and WAV sounds from Honorio. Robin has also made other .ICO files, in case you do not wish to fly the Spanish flag. Just copy to FLAG.ICO. If you copy LANGUAGE.CFG to c:\gpss04, then GPSS.EXE in c:\gpss04 will use c:\spanish.

DOWNLOAD SPANTRAN.EXE from alternative Site (1,391,462 bytes)

DOWNLOAD SPANTRA2.EXE from alternative Site (176,189 bytes)