The following statement was read and given to all members of the panel. It was agreed that it would be included within the minutes of the meeting.

Trevor Saunders: Statement by Robin Lovelock at SHA Review Panel Meeting on 15 July 2009.

The role of Terry Kensey and myself at this meeting is to act as observers and ensure the panel have these facts below. I have been involved with Trevor's case since the day of his stroke on 11th September 2006. I am the person consulted by the senior doctors on "life or death" decisions, checkups, meetings, etc.

My appeal letter of 16 June 2008, led to these NHS review panel meetings, and compared Trevor with Pamela Coughlan. Trevor's case has been in the hands of his solicitors since September 2008, and they now take the lead. Trevor will be pursuing his claim for Continuing Care through all stages, including the Courts.

My understanding is that this SHA level review is one of several anticipated for Trevor Saunders. Others may follow after PCT level reviews for different time periods and PCT areas such as Berkshire. This slow appeal process means that Court actions may not complete until 2010 or 2011.

I would like to thank the NHS again for the excellent care within Wycombe and Amersham Hospitals in Buckinghamshire. Trevor's wish, unchanged since early 2007, was to be moved to a place of his choosing in Berkshire. This did not happen until January 2009, following Trevor catching MRSA and intervention by his solicitors. Trevor is very happy at Larkland House in Berkshire, and expects to remain there indefinitely. Trevor's solicitors have reminded the NHS that, while the appeals proceed, the NHS should fund Larkland House.

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Pam Coughlan's victory in the High Court against this Government. The recent Green Paper proposing changes to the law does not change what the law is now. Anyone with care needs the same, or greater than Pam Coughlan, is entitled to Continuing Care.

Details of Trevor's case are on the "Coughlan" charity web site This public information includes complaints against Buckinghamshire County Council. These complaints are not relevant to this meeting: there is no dispute with the conduct of NHS staff.

This web site also includes legal advice to solicitors, families, and people like yourselves. I am part of this small campaign group that include legal experts and Pam Coughlan herself. In the early years we provided legal advice to law firms now offering no win no fee services. We were the primary source of information to the Law Society and the media.

Background on Trevor's case, including important events and letters, is on :

"June 2009: Trevor is where he wants to be: Larkland House in Berkshire, near to where he lived and worked all his life. The slow NHS Appeal process continues, supported by solicitors, expected to reach Judicial Review in early 2010. Meanwhile, Trevor exercises his legal right not to pay any of the care home fees: approx 50,000 since July 2007. The dispute with Buckinghamshire County Council continues, with more information available for use when needed."

(Note that many events and letters listed on the "paper trail" web page are not in this shortened list below)

11th September 2006: Trevor has massive stroke. Robin receives 'phone call and finds family, friends and medical records. Trevor unconcious.

11th July 2007: Trevor discharged from Amersham Hospital to Chiltern Court, a low cost Nursing Home in Bucks - arranged by Social Services without consent.

10th April 2008: Robin attends Continuing Care re-assessment meeting at Chiltern Court with RGNs Maureen Gotora and Liz Delaney of NHS.

16th June 2008: appeal letter TASNHS4 from Robin to Amanda Walsh, Maureen Gotara and Janet Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of Bucks PCT.

16th July 2008: Care Needs Assessment by Fidelma Tinneny, RGN. Same conclusion as in 2007 - care needs equal or exceed those of Pamela Coughlan.

9th September 2008: Trevor gives detailed instructions to solicitors through Robin: to progress appeal with NHS, through to and including Judicial Review.

29th September 2008: Trevor catches MRSA at Chiltern Court and is tranferred urgently to Wycome General Hospital.

2nd October 2008: 3 page letter from solicitors to Janet Fitzgerald, Chief Exec. of Bucks PCT. Follows on from Robin's appeal letter of 16th June.

8th October 2008: Trevor recovering well and clear from MRSA infection: moved from ICU to Ward 1a.

12th November 2008: Bucks PCT Review Panel Meeting at Hampden Hall, Aylesbury. Adrian Walker stood down and meeting continued on 27th November.

24th November 2008. letter TASTAS2 from Trevor prepared and witnessed by Robin and Terry, related to discharge, where next, solicitors , etc

27th November 2008: Bucks PCT Review Panel Meeting at Hampden Hall, Aylesbury. re-convened from that on 12th November.

9th December 2008: result of PCT Review was a "no", so appeal will proceed through SHA to Judicial Review.

13th January 2009: TAS10 to Chris Williams, Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire County Council: LETTER BEFORE COURT PROCEEDINGS.

23rd January 2009: Trevor moved to Larkland House in Berkshire, 100% NHS funded until at least the appeal process is completed ? or BCC funded ?

11th March 2009: NHS Review Panel Meeting at Rapid House, High Wycombe. PCT review of 22 October '08 re-assessment by Sally O'Hara.