PCT Review Panel Meetings at Hampden Hall on 12th and 27th November 2008

The following is a highly abbreviated summary from detailed notes of the two meetings given to Trevor's solicitors .

The first meeting was chaired by Kate Bailes, with attendees being:
Robin Lovelock and Terry Kensey, friends of Trevor Saunders. See Robin's statement below.
Clare Dimond, Hazel Hoade, Stephanie Peart, Felly Mukuvuva, from NHS.
Adrian Walker, John Sells, from Buckinghamshire County Council.

After intoduction of the panel members, Robin read the first part of his Statement below, then distributed a paper copy to all. All members were given a copy of the letter from Trevor's solicitors. dated 10th November 2008.

Robin and Terry were then asked to leave the meeting which then continued.

re-convened meeting on 27 Nov 2008.

It is understood that Mr Walker stood down from the meeting on 12th November following objections from Trevor's solicitors. The meeting was re-convened for 27th November. This meeting was chaired by Kate Bailes and attendees were:
Robin Lovelock and Terry Kensey, friends of Trevor Saunders. See Robin's statement below.
Clare Dimond, Hazel Hoade, Stephanie Peart from the NHS.
John Sells, Christine Nash from Buckinghamshire County Council.

After introduction of the panel members, Robin read the first part of his Statement below, identical to that read out and distributed at the first meeting. He then read out TASTAS2 , Trevor's letter of 24th November, and asked that both these documents be included in the minutes distributed to panel members and Trevor's solicitors. Robin and Terry were then asked to leave the meeting which then continued.

Trevor Saunders: Statement by Robin Lovelock at Review Panel Meetings on 12 and 27 Nov 2008.

My role at this meeting, and that of Terry Kensey, is to ensure the panel have these facts below. We ask that all information, including minutes of the meeting, be passed to Trevor's solicitors, with a copy to myself.

I would like to thank the NHS for the excellent care within Wycombe and Amersham Hospitals. I have been involved with Trevor's case since the day of his stroke on 11th September 2006, including being the person consulted by the senior doctors on "life or death" decisions, checkups, meetings, etc.

Details of Trevor's case, including important events and letters, are on www.nhscare.info This web site also includes legal advice to solicitors, families, and people like yourself.

This public information also includes recent letters exchanged with the Chief Exective of Buckinghamshire County Council. We believe these complaints are not relevant to this meeting: there is no such dispute with the conduct of NHS staff.

Trevor's case is in the hands of his solicitors. The panel's attention is drawn to four letters in particular: My appeal letter dated 16 June, mentioning "Coughlan", which led to this review panel meeting. Three letters from solicitors - the last dated 10 November 2008 of this week.

Sally O'Hara performed another re-assessment of Trevor, attended by myself, on Wednesday 22nd October (paperwork not yet available).

Trevor's wishes, unchanged since early 2007, is to be moved to a place of his choosing in the Bracknell/Camberley area.

Trevor will be pursueing his claim for Continuing Care through all stages, including the Courts.

Panel members wanting more background on Trevor's case, including important events and letters, should visit www.nhscare.info/trevor/taspres1.htm

following was on the written statement distributed, but was not read out aloud.

Note that many events and letters listed on the web page are not in this shortened extract below.
11th September 2006: Trevor has massive stroke. Robin receives 'phone call and finds family, friends and medical records. Trevor unconcious.
21st May 2007: Case Meeting chaired by Kate Lochy, Discharge Coordinator. Others included Adrian Walker, Ronel Murray & Barbara Johnson of Social Services.
30th May 2007: Meeting with Trevor at Amersham Hospital. Barbara of Social Services said would "apply for Continuing Care... through appeal if needed."
11th June 2007: Robin told by Kate Lochy that Trevor had "failed the criterea for Continuing Care". Social Services continue to say nothing, including this.
11th July 2007: Trevor discharged from Amersham Hospital to Chiltern Court, a low cost Nursing Home in Bucks - arranged by Social Services without consent.
12th December 2007: letter TASNHS1 from Robin to Dr Koshy, Kate Lochy and others, with attached "solid case" for Continuing Care for forwarding.
21st January 2008: letter TASNHS2 from Robin to Amanda Walsh of NHS with above "solid case".
8th April 2008: Robin attends Trevor 6 month checkup with Dr Koshy at 1130. Robin receives before 'phone call just before from RGN Maureen Gotora.
10th April 2008: Robin attends Continuing Care re-assessment meeting at Chiltern Court with RGNs Maureen Gotora and Liz Delaney of NHS.
4th June 2008: letter from Bucks PCT, refusing Continuing Care, with 30 Decision Support Tool pages.
16th June 2008: appeal letter TASNHS4 from Robin to Amanda Walsh, Maureen Gotara and Janet Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of Bucks PCT.
16th July 2008: Care Needs Assessment by Fidelma Tinneny, RGN. Same conclusion as in 2007 - care needs equal or exceed those of Pamela Coughlan.
9th September 2008: Letter TAS8 to Chris Williams Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire County Council: response to letter from their legal department.
9th September 2008: Trevor gives detailed instructions to solicitors through Robin: to progress appeal with NHS, through to and including Judicial Review.
29th September 2008: Trevor catches MRSA at Chiltern Court and is tranferred urgently to Wycome General Hospital.
30th September 2008: Robin speaks with Dr Burn: Trevor "to be given every chance" and is transferred to Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
2nd October 2008: 3 page letter from solicitors to Janet Fitzgerald, Chief Exec. of Bucks PCT. Follows on from Robin's appeal letter of 16th June.
8th October 2008: Trevor recovering well and clear from MRSA infection: moved from ICU to Ward 1a.
8th October 2008: 2 page letter from solicitors to Wycombe Hospital discharge team and Bucks PCT.
14th October 2008: Trevor continues to recover to where he was before 29 September.
3rd November 2008: TAS9 to Chris Williams : "...you and your staff continue to evade my questions." & "...You may not know of these recent events..."
(more recent events include Sally O'Hare's re-assessment on 22nd October and solicitors letter 10th November)