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Mandarin Translation Project

Updated 1400 Monday 15th November 1999

If you are doing translation work - please check this page regularly.
We do not want you to waste effort doing what someone else is doing.

This page is for those helping Robin and each other, with translation into Mandarin.

Sending e-mail to others with an interest in Mandarin

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
USA Simon Tung AMG in Garden Grove, CA.

Other helpers wanted ! :-)

Work in Progress

Robin has set up this page to avoid duplication of work.
Simon has started translation of .WAV files. 64 sounds are now recorded.

How to test GPSS speaking Mandarin

The simple way to test GPSS speaking Mandarin is as follows:

  1. Install and test the GPSS Baseline from GPSS04A.EXE and GPSS04B.EXE.
  2. create a directory c:\Mandarin
  3. download MANDTRAN.EXE into c:\Mandarin using the link below.
  4. run MANDTRAN.EXE from DOS or Windows to self-extract the files.
  5. copy language.cfg from c:\mandarin to c:\gpss04 (or where GPSS.EXE is)
  6. run GPSS - which should start-up speaking as much Mandarin as it can, limited by how many translated WAV files are in c:\mandarin.
  7. If you are the person doing the WAV translation, select a WAV file in c:\gpss04, save it in c:\mandarin, re-record over it in Mandarin. Then run GPSS again to see what files are missing.
  8. zip up new files to e-mail to Robin, to update MANDTRAN.EXE.
LANGUAGE.CFG in c:\gpss04 will make GPSS.EXE in \gpss04 use c:\Mandarin.

Translation Downloads

64 important sounds from Simon used when GPSS starts up.