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Croat Translation Project

Created 0900 Sunday 12th July 1998

If you are doing translation work - please check this page regularly.
We do not want you to waste effort doing what someone else is doing.

This page is for those helping Robin and each other, with translation into Croat.

Sending e-mail to others with an interest in Croat

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
Croatia Ante Vukorepa 454797N0155749 Zagreb. GPS3.

More helpers wanted ! :-)

Work in Progress

Robin has set up this page to avoid duplication of work.
Robin needs a sample 8 bit 11 KHz WAV file such as $$$START.WAV
Croat for "this free software does not have many maps or sounds"

How to test GPSS speaking Croat

The simple way to test GPSS speaking Croat is as follows:

  1. create a directory c:\Croat and sub-directory c:\Croat\tmp
  2. copy GPSS04A.EXE & GPSS04B.EXE into c:\Croat and run both to create a baseline GPSS running system. English WAV files will be replaced by Croat versions.
  3. If you are downloading from this site, download into TMP before expanding and copying the changed WAV files into c:\Croat.
  4. If you are the person doing the WAV translation, select a WAV file in c:\Croat, re-record over it in Croat, then copy to TMP ready for sending to Robin as a ZIP or LZH file (created with PKZIP.EXE or LHA.EXE).
  5. Run GPSS.EXE in c:\Croat and decide which English sounds to change next.
LANGUAGE.CFG in c:\gpss04 will make GPSS.EXE in \gpss04 use c:\Croat.

Translation Downloads


LANGUAGE.CFG needed in c:\gpss04 something like :