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Robin and June's Camper/Motorhome Page ( with extracts from our Holiday page :-)

Updated 1915 BST UK Time ( 1815 Z/GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Thursday 30th June 2022.

Tuesday 13th July 2021: We collect Camper from Swindon; 15th August: June's first drive of the camper; 29th August: work on the camper; play the videos :-)

Motorhomes we looked at in early 2021 ... Click to expand ... June ordered that on the right ! More videos at the end :-)

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Robin Lovelock 1995 London Motor Show on ITV Carlton Hi ! Welcome to Robin and June's "Camper" page, started in April 2021. It was under contruction, to aid our looking at the alternatives, from different sellers.

from April 2021: I started by simply copying material from my Holiday page. e.g. that holiday in 1999, when we toured Italy, doing over 3000 miles, in my old "banger" of a Mercedes.

This was the same old car that stole most of the BBC and ITV TV coverage of the 1995 London Motor Show. Play the video, taken from my AsOnTV page. Paul Larsman, drove the car: "don't be fooled by the old banger - it's really a mobile laboratory for what is claimed to be the most advanced navigation system in the world.." :-)

Holiday in 1999 Home to Rome

I'll add stuff which may help us buy the right Camper.

It may not end up being totally white; maybe Army Khaki, all round, other than the back - left highly visible white, for safety on the road, particularly at night. White and yellow stripes at the back, to look like a police van ? June says "No!" ;-)

It will then "blend in", when visiting nature spots; Also maybe avoid complaints from our AMRA Neighbours, if we squeeze it onto our front drive for short stays. e.g. painting and fitting "Lab stuff" ;-)

At least one of my friends is expert at re-spray jobs, so maybe that can be done on a standard product, and the paintwork need not be perfect ;-)

Snoopy's Robot boat in 2012 on BBC TV Utube video of Snoopy's 2012 Attempt on BBC TV Mobile Laboratory ? Of course !

Perfect for Our support vehicle for Snoopy's Robot Boats !

See the Snoopy page, for this crazy hobby project. Snoopy has being trying to cross the Atlantic, since 2012, in a little robot sailing boat - only 4 ft / 1.2 metres long ! :-)

Play the BBC video, showing what was broadcast live on BBC TV South in 2012. Also the video we filmed, showing what BBV TV Reporters get up to :-)

Our camper will certainly not lack things like Screens, GPS trackers, computers, web cameras, and digital communications including SatComs. See my AVL page.

Some know me as "the mad ex-NATO Scientist from Sunninghill" :-) white strip

June wanted to book an appointment to look at any what SMC, the Southern Motor Home Centre had, to get ideas on what was available. We saw where it was, near places we regularly visit, like Wickes and Homebase. It was also just down the Western Road, from where we met, in 1971, at Ferranti . We have our 50th on 26th June 2021 ;-)

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For many years, Robin and June took Caravan holidays, in Cornwall, England. The last was 1998. We met Flavio in 1999, and gave him Nanook, for his baby daughter.

June ordered this one from Swindon, we collected it on Tuesday 13th July 2021, then off to the West Country ! :-)

Tap or Click on pictures to enlarge or to play the videos. First June with the camper she chose; then the 20 minute video of us collecting it from Swindon, using taxi, train, and then Robin driving it back home, by the "scenic route". We were soon off on a trip to the West Country. 25 minutes of long walks, steam trains, bus trips, and hot sandy beaches :-)

15th August 2021: June's first drive of the camper went well; 29th August: work needed on the camper... 23rd June 2022 - see trip below. Work still needed ! :-)

Work still needed on those roof boxes for trackers and cameras ? Job Done ! :-)

Some of these pictures are well tucked away on that long photo-trail of our lovely "Father's Day Weekend 2022" Camper Trip with Snoopy, above, down to the New Forest and South Coast. On the way back, we heard a lot of banging on the roof. After we got back we saw why: those four plastic boxes, intended for trackers and cameras, had not been screwed down properly, and had come loose. Also, two at the front had not even had the 12v terminals added. This work had been started, and paid for, in November 2021 - last year. No Problem: things get forgotten and mistakes happen. Hopefully Gary will make sure the job is completed properly soon :-) Click on the pictures to expand - so you can see them better - if you dare ! :-)

Update on Thursday 30th July 2022: Job done nicely by Mark when Gary did the Service. Now just a matter of what we stick in the boxes :-)

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