American Translation Project

Updated 1400 7th May 1998

If you are doing translation work - please check this page regularly.
We do not want you to waste effort doing what someone else is doing.

This page is for those helping Robin and each other, with translation into American English :-) Robin feels that it is about time we saw a Stars & Stripes on the bottom of the GPSS screen, and our American friends heard something better than Robin's Limey accent. There is no reason why GPSS should not startup or switch between any number of languages, accents, gender, or styles of speech. e.g. gentle and friendly, fast and 'military', etc. All it requires is someone with the patience to spend a few hours recording the WAV sounds, and a few others to share the load, including testing.

E-mail to others with an interest in American English

Please do not abuse the fact that you may e-mail these people.
USA Bill Bowser 470645N1105102W nr Gt Falls, Montana. G12. no cable.

Volunteers wanted !

Work in Progress

Robin has set up this page to avoid duplication of work.

Bill Bowser has offered to start re-recording WAV files.

Please check with Robin before starting, to save duplication of work.

How to test GPSS speaking American

AMERTRAN.EXE should be downloaded into c:\America and run to extract files.
LANGUAGE.CFG should then be copied from c:\America to c:\gpss04.
LANGUAGE.CFG in c:\gpss04 will make GPSS.EXE in \gpss04 use c:\America for WAV sounds, and other files like TRANSLAT.TXT, GPSS.HLP, CONTROLS.CFG.

If you use B and J to switch between American and other languages, you should see information like HELP text and Instrument panel change also - if these files are different.

Translation Downloads

Not much more than the American Flag, and one or two sounds of Robin making a pathetic attempt to imitate an American accent - for test purposes only :-)

DOWNLOAD AMERTRAN.EXE American Speech (42,242 bytes)